Software tools I've written for one thing or another

All my stuff is written in either Visual C# (requiring the .Net framework v4.0 or higher to run), or in PHP4 (for execution on a PHP-enabled web server, usually Apache), and it’s all been tested and proven working on WinXP, Vista and Win7.

SMT Imagine Uptime server checker: You think the game is down? Check this page first! This will tell you whether any given server among the game boxes is online or offline, allowing you to figure out whether a server (not area, mind you) has crashed or whether the game has been taken down for maintenance. Do note that I can only tell whether servers are up, but can’t test whether specific zones have crashed or not.

File Size Converter: Immediate conversion of one measurement of file size to another. (Bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB)

Drive Icon Changer: A little vanity program to change the appearance of your Hard Drives when looking at their icons in Windows Explorer.

Bulk Image Converter: A tool written to convert from any of the four most common image formats (BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG) to any other of them. Supports individual file and folder (batch) conversion of a single file type.

Daisoujou Leveling Calculator: Ever since the Kuchinawa Cavern got implemented, players that have some kind of focus on level-growing always wonder how many Daisoujou runs it’ll take to level ourselves, or our demons to obtain skills or for the rebirth requirements. This calculator makes it easy to approximate the amount of runs/kills needed to reach any given level starting from any level, based on Kuchinawa Cave Crematory statistics alone. Using the command line flag /kings= and a number from 1 to 4, or the command line flag /assassins, it can also be used to calculate XP gained in Ichigaya Gold runs using the Kings or the Assassins as bosses. 2013/06/19 NOTE: Do note, though, that while the numbers in the program are still accurate, the program itself is outdated as hell considering the many varied sources of decent experience currently implemented in the game (Daisoujou eggs, Vishnu/Shiva runs, and others) as well as some of the XP-boosting gear currently available (not just limited to Etoile, Bias and False COMP nowadays). I do have plans to update this, but until I get an exact number of obtained XP from each of the new sources, it’ll be hard to give an accurate estimate on when this update will be coming.

Daisoujou Leveling Calculator Source Code: The source for the above program.

Do note that all my programs are always being improved and rewritten and tested and re-tested and rewritten again, so if you find anything wrong with one of them, please be sure to let me know.

Last Edited on: 2013/06/19 09:15:45 GMT-4