So as usual, life happens.

After an entire year of downsides, like being blatantly cheated on and taken advantage of, having my car involved in traffic accidents five or six times, getting a crappy job, and having my laptop blow up (among a number of other things), I have finally started getting my goddamn life back on track. I sent my car in for repairs today, I started a course on udemy about mobile app building with Xamarin Forms, and been dropping my CV everywhere applying for better job options.

Things are looking up.

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Did some cleanup on the sidebar. Been a couple of years since I stopped playing SMT Imagine so most of my stuff is not only outdated but probably no longer relevant. Also, because of the closure of the western servers, some friends’ blogs and links became inactive, so took those out too. Will be rewriting some stuff and probably changing the sidebar order soon.

Also took up a cosplay photography gig. Kinda want to see how far I can get with this because the cosplay community is seriously fucking underrepresented in my country.

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The Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, mobile edition

With proper permission from Maj from, I’ve taken the time to figure out how to use and abuse an easily available, overcomplicated, annoying-as-fuck, overly graphically cute software to create ebooks called Calibre (not even gonna bother linking it here), in order to build and publish a mobile ebook version of his world-famous Street Fighter Footsies Handbook. I took the time to create this as, believe it or not, there’s some of us (like myself) in third-world countries that do play Street Fighter frequently and seriously and don’t have mobile data services on our phones in order to be able to freely browse Maj’s site for the handbook.

This mobile ebook version is intended to make it easier to carry the handbook with you, readable in either PDF or EPUB format (both well-known, well-used and extremely portable formats) so you can peruse it whenever you feel like it on your tablet, phone or any other smart device.

You can download the zip with both EPUB and PDF versions of the ebook here.

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New personal project: Imagine XP Calculator redesign.

I’ve been toying with the idea of completely redesigning my old XP calculator for Imagine, and came up with a moderately decent idea…

[Read More…]

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Rescued from the (almost) lost archives: A Random Story

I wrote this forever ago, in July 2007. Kinda liked it, so rescuing it from my old site backups. No real title because I never managed to think up one that satisfied me.

Off it goes. [Read More…]

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MBAACC menu translation update.

Same link as before.

Includes updated files concerning a minor typo of mine, an updated Readme file with more detailed instructions, and an important /System/ file which determines the naming scheme of netplay replay filenames (now that they’re fixed). Now you can have your own naming scheme for your netplay replay files to better keep track of who you fought! ;)

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MBAACC Revision 1.2 patch is up!

Get it here.
Sadly the patch overwrites the entire /Information/ folder, so you’ll need to get my translation mod here again. Instructions are the exact same as last time.

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MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code menu information translations COMPLETED

Go go go go go.

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Wow, École did us all a favor with MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code…

…because nearly ALL menu screen text is stored in simple-to-edit .ini files.

I found a translation of most of the text strings of the Netplay errors and such online, and decided to collaborate by translating some other stuff. So far, I’ve translated the main menu, the Options menu, the Pause menu, and the end of fight menu. Currently working on the Netplay menus, and then I’ll tackle the Training Options menu (the biggest file out of all).

You can get the pack of files I’ve translated so far here. I’ll keep adding more files as I finish working on them and update this post accordingly.

EDIT: Training Menu translation halfway done. File updated.

EDIT: Translation completed. Knock yourselves out.

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WTF is SOPA? WTF is PROTECT IP? I’ll tell you what they are: A restriction of liberties for EVERYONE IN THE DAMN WORLD, due to the almost monopolistic control of the internet held by the US.

I highly suggest you watch and pay close attention to BOTH videos. You’ll learn a thing or two.

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Somebody punch me in the face.

I’m developing this management software, and I need to get AT LEAST SIX MORE WINDOWS full of controls and capable of managing data before I can even call it a BETA release.

And I have no motivation to do it.

And I’m doing this pro-bono.
Seriously, somebody shoot me.

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For those who care, my plugin guide is back up.

You know, in case someone still needs it these days.

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Yes, I wrote another Ace Attorney story, you guys.

Go read and review and such. Man, my AA stuff seems to get SO LITTLE LOVE around here… =(

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Yeah, yeah, Merry Christmas and stuff, now go read and review =p

As should be of no surprise to anyone who’s known me for any length of time, I’ve been a hardcore fan of Capcom’s Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney gaming franchise for a while now, and have been completely suckered in by the attraction powers of The Phoenix Wright Kink Meme. This has gotten me into dusting off my writing skills using pre-established characters (which makes it A LOT easier to write stuff, since you don’t have to invent the universe around them). So that’s part one of the introduction done. =p

Part 2 is, I was out of town for Christmas Eve (and naturally, Boxing Day) and during the middle of dinner on Christmas Eve, the idea for this story popped up into my head, complete, from start to end, and I had to borrow a computer to type it out, the impulse to write was THAT strong.

And now the real body of the post: I’ve been writing stuff for the PW/AA franchise for a good while now (more than a year), and now that this blog is kinda officially established I’d like to share my latest story with you people. =p Enjoy. =)

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