Oh god. I haven’t laughed so hard at this much sheer immaturity and/or idiocy in a long, long time.

First, read this thread.

Next, read this “blog” post by the same user as the thread.

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Huh, according to TV Tropes, I am most certainly NOT a troll.

You be the judge.

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Fair enough. On that note, if you morons ever feel like having your software people actually do their damn job and plug the MASSIVE multiple security holes your text parsing engine has (all easily exploitable, as I’ve continually demonstrated), tell your manager Superman0X to contact me (I’m sure you have all you need to do that, except maybe the brainpower) and we’ll see if we can reach a deal.

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Wow… I feel like I accomplished something HUGE.

1. Read this thread, specifically the last post.
2. Post the following:

Suck it.

3. Get your post deleted.
4. Get b&’d.
5. ???

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Big Brother, Aeria edition

The people managing Imagine (and with them, some sadistically pea-brained idiots among the people they’ve picked to be their “Game Sages”) are either pussies or… Oh wait, there’s no other option. [Read More…]

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…Seriously. (Part 2)

So apparently, I’m someone who “threatens and [doesn’t do] a damn thing about it” because I didn’t post the chat logs of my limited conversations with this idiot (limited because I honestly felt my IQ would drop if I kept it up).

So for your enjoyment, I bring you the Chattra-gate files. =p

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(WARNING: MULTIPLE massive walls of text ahead! Though I expect them to be at least slightly enjoyable for y’all. =p )

Where to start, where to start…

Let’s consider a few initial points.

Whoever’s known me for any length of time knows that I have an attitude.
This should not come as news to anyone. I have a chip on my shoulder, I’m not afraid to call anyone on their bullshit if the need arises, and I’m not afraid to call anyone asshole, bitch or moronic mongrel if they deserve it.
Despite my ‘tude, I know to retract myself/apologize when I’m clearly in the wrong.
Also everyone who’s known me for any length of time knows this as well. In my little tech world, where one little mistake can drive a whole company down, you have to be very, very careful, and learn to accept your screw-ups when they happen (not IF they happen, because they assuredly DO happen at one point or another).
Unless you have enough factual, hard evidence to PROVE me wrong, I will NOT back off from ANY point I’m defending.
And if you resort to personal or ad-hominem attacks in light of NOT being able to prove me wrong, I WILL turn condescending, sarcastic and derisive towards you. I LOVE the smell of idiots burnt and charred by their own flames.
When aiming to get into someone’s good books, it’s usually a thoroughly STUPID idea to antagonize them.
…This doesn’t really need an explanation, does it?

Now, with that out of the way, let’s hit the important part.

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And people wonder why I complain so much about our “community” (if it can even be called that).

Since literally NO ONE uses the Party List option in Imagine, whoring ourselves through the Trade List has turned into the habitual way of advertising our classes for Daisoujou runs. Admittedly, it’s not the right thing to do, but hey, unless we can get the entire server using the Party List in one day, it’s the best way there is to post a server-wide advertisement showing what you have and what you can do.

…Yeah, not going to happen. Anyway, I’ve been advertising myself on the TL using my Blunt Bat of Bluntness and Doom for a while, and I’ve scored quite a few parties this way.

Because of this advertisement thing, EVERY item I put on the TL that’s actually for SALE has a specific price set to it, and if not, a notice to send me offers for it. Notice how, in the above image, NOTHING about selling or a price or a request for offers is mentioned.

Enter our fabulous population of idiots.

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People, their things, and their THINGS

I’ll let the conversation speak for itself. This was fun as I haven’t had in a good while. XD Keep in mind that this happened in one of the most populated areas of SMT — the bridge right in the middle of Shinjuku Babel. =p

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NEXT STOP: Home III. *cue suspense music*

On the next update: Commentary about how all the crap that happened came to happen, and what happened while all that crap was happening. =D

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OMG, I’m gonna get a beating D:

[Say]jUStkiLL: u know.. if u really wanna talk sh1t why dont u say that to my face irl (04:29:40)
[Say]Sh1k1: JK, dear boy, I KNOW you’re there =p (04:29:53)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously.. if ur that into me and wanna talk about me 24/7 (04:29:54)
[Say]John21: i iz clean man ;x (04:29:59)
[Say]jUStkiLL: its so funny how u do this all the time ^^ (04:30:01)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m saying this BECAUSE I KNOW you’re there =p (04:30:02)
[Say]Miriyara: lolz guys (04:30:14)
[Say]Miriyara: cool it (04:30:15)
[Say]Sh1k1: or you think I didn’t notice you doing a greeting emote? =p (04:30:17)
[Say]jUStkiLL: talking crap about people on the internet? (04:30:17)
[Say]Miriyara: just back off (04:30:23)
[Say]John21: the hostility (04:30:25)
[Say]Sh1k1: ^^ (04:30:25)
[Say]John21: plz plz (04:30:27)
[Say]Miriyara: shiki no provoking (04:30:30)
[Say]pacifica: MIRI lets make love to distract them (04:30:30)
[Say]jUStkiLL: u really dont know who i am right > (04:30:32)
[Say]John21: O_O (04:30:36)
[Say]jUStkiLL: U REALLY DONT WANAN KNOW bro (04:30:37)
[Say]DemonReaper: Your Jesus (04:30:38)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz u know what (04:30:39)
[Say]Miriyara: lol! i dont think its working paci (04:30:45)
[Say]John21: zZZzzZ (04:30:46)
[Say]pacifica: D: (04:30:49)
[Say]pacifica: oh no (04:30:50)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously man, ur lucky i dont know u irl (04:30:55)
[Say]DemonReaper: :O (04:31:02)
[Say]John21: lol stop (04:31:02)
[Say]Sh1k1: hella lucky, I know =D (04:31:07)
[Say]jUStkiLL: for real man, u really dont wanna know.. trust me (04:31:08)
[Say]DemonReaper: x2 :O (04:31:20)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz things would get ugly if u do (04:31:22)
[Say]DemonReaper: wheres my popcorn (04:31:25)
[Say]John21: >_> (04:31:28)
[Say]Sh1k1: and hopefully, I’ll never ever have to go as low as meeting you ^^ (04:31:30)
[Say]John21: i want paci’s oreos (04:31:34)
[Say]pacifica: hahas john (04:31:38)
[Say]jUStkiLL: yeah.. ur right (04:31:41)
[Say]Miriyara: lolz you guys (04:31:42)
[Say]jUStkiLL: ur really right about everything (04:31:47)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz it wouldnt be pretty.. trust me (04:31:52)
[Say]Miriyara: -rolls eyes- (04:31:58)
[Say]jUStkiLL: we are just cyber enemies (04:31:59)
[Say]LadyDeathStrike: now now ppl stop fighting . (04:32:01)
[Say]Sh1k1: not really, I flunked my second midterm in Multivariable Calculus (04:32:06)
[Say]Miriyara: guys cool it (04:32:08)
[Say]Sh1k1: so I’m not always right =p (04:32:13)
[Say]DemonReaper: there not fighting there bickering like old women (04:32:17)
[Say]John21: =_= i can’t believe u guys ignored miri and paci’s love making (04:32:20)
[Say]jUStkiLL: thats what im about talking about that (04:32:24)
[Say]John21: u both should be slapped :x (04:32:25)
[Say]pacifica: you shud listen to miri you dont want to make her mad D: (04:32:27)
[Say]jUStkiLL: if u really wanna talk sh1t (04:32:28)
[Say]NotSoSuperDude: lol john (04:32:30)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it to my face (04:32:32)
[Say]Miriyara: yar (04:32:39)
[Say]Sh1k1: well, aren’t I doing exactly that right now? =p (04:32:43)
[Say]Miriyara: i am a mean drunk (04:32:43)
[Say]jUStkiLL: and see what will happen (04:32:46)
[Say]Miriyara: er…mean mad person (04:32:48)
[Say]jUStkiLL: sure u can pwn me in pvp but like i care (04:32:56)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz i dont incense ^^ (04:33:06)
[Say]jUStkiLL: but im saying this one last time (04:33:11)
[Say]DemonReaper: I do (04:33:12)
[Say]DemonReaper: but i barely pvp (04:33:16)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m saying you’re a pathetic player deviating his incompetence into others =p (04:33:17)
[Say]jUStkiLL: if u wanna talk sh1t, say it to my face (04:33:20)
[Say]pacifica: OMG SHARTE joined the fight too (04:33:22)
[Say]pacifica: NOW ITS ON (04:33:23)
[Say]pacifica: dibbs on sharte (04:33:29)
[Say]DemonReaper: Incensing is only community illegal so meh (04:33:33)
[Say]Miriyara: GUYS (04:33:34)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously say it to my face bro then i’ll show u whats up (04:33:35)
[Say]Miriyara: SHUT (04:33:36)
[Say]Sharte: Stop war and global warnming, ho! (04:33:36)
[Say]Miriyara: UP (04:33:37)
[Say]John21: lol (04:33:43)
[Say]Miriyara: thankyou (04:33:44)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: o.O whats goin in (04:33:45)
[Say]Miriyara: <3 (04:33:46)
[Say]Sh1k1: besides (04:33:46)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: on* (04:33:46)
[Say]John21: listen to frost (04:33:46)
[Say]jUStkiLL: or come to chicago (04:33:47)
[Say]Sh1k1: didn't I show you that match? (04:33:50)
[Say]Miriyara: omg (04:33:50)
[Say]Miriyara: wth (04:33:52)
[Say]jUStkiLL: i'll show u whats up (04:33:53)
[Clan]Serlian: yes, I saw (04:33:53)
[Say]Miriyara: SHUT UP (04:33:55)
[Say]Amica: watching fight from tribune sit upstairs *-* (04:33:55)
[Say]pacifica: ._. (04:33:57)
[Say]jUStkiLL: for real im tired of this (04:33:57)
[Say]VincentNightray: fuuwwaaa fuuwaaa (04:33:57)
[Say]Sh1k1: I normally hit for 800s (04:33:58)
[Say]Sh1k1: and when I incense, I hit for 1.8k =) (04:34:04)
[Say]John21: lol sh1k1 = not on inc (04:34:07)
[Say]jUStkiLL: im tired of u always bickering and talking sh1t (04:34:10)
[Say]John21: i hit same dmg as him (04:34:11)
[Say]DemonReaper: Peace and love are for hippies yo (04:34:12)
[Say]jUStkiLL: u wanna say it to my face (04:34:14)
[Say]John21: and more (04:34:16)
[Say]John21: :x (04:34:17)
[Say]John21: ;x (04:34:18)
[Say]Sh1k1: the fact that you can’t defend against me just shows how pathetic you really are (04:34:19)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it and i would show whats up once again (04:34:23)
[Say]Sharte: Hee ho war and globar warming makes world hot ho! (04:34:25)
[Say]Sharte: If it keeps hot ho I can melt hee ho (04:34:36)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: Make love (04:34:47)
[Say]DemonReaper: literally h very melts (04:34:48)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: hate causes diarrea (04:34:50)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: :( (04:34:51)
[Say]John21: this is total turn off (04:34:53)
[Say]jUStkiLL: do we have make this clear? (04:34:57)
[Say]pacifica: *grabs fuwas butt* (04:35:02)
[Say]DemonReaper: Cigarettes are the cure for cancer (04:35:05)
[Say]John21: i dun wanna see man fites (04:35:05)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: kinky (04:35:08)
[Say]lnstinct: BFF (04:35:09)
[Say]pacifica: LOL (04:35:11)
[Say]Amica: spectator come to tribune chair pls *_* (04:35:13)
[Say]pacifica: BFF (04:35:13)
[Say]lnstinct: I NEED TO FIND PANTS (04:35:16)
[Say]pacifica: hi <3 (04:35:16)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it to my face (04:35:17)
[Say]lnstinct: <3 (04:35:18)
[Say]Sh1k1: anyways, if you'll excuse me, I'll do more less trolling and more translating (04:35:19)
[Say]Sh1k1: =p (04:35:19)
[Say]jUStkiLL: or u know what i’ll even come to ur country and sasy to my face (04:35:24)
[Say]Miriyara: i like how (04:35:29)
[Say]jUStkiLL: see what’ll happen (04:35:31)
[Say]Sh1k1: sure, you’re welcome to =) (04:35:32)
[Say]pacifica: oh pls u naked hobo (04:35:32)
[Say]Miriyara: this fight got us a crowd (04:35:34)
[Say]Miriyara: wth is this (04:35:36)
[Say]lnstinct: actually (04:35:42)
[Say]DemonReaper: a show for bored people (04:35:45)
[Say]lnstinct: im lookin for pants (04:35:46)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: man pants (04:35:46)
[Say]Sharte: Fight makes global warming ho! (04:35:48)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: mantiez (04:35:50)
[Say]VincentNightray: KAMEHAMEHA (04:35:50)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’ll even get you a room at my place =) (04:35:51)
[Say]lnstinct: JOHN (04:35:53)
[Say]John21: lolz (04:35:53)
[Say]Serlian: Make tea not war! (04:35:57)
[Say]lnstinct: do u gots extra pants? (04:35:57)
[Say]DemonReaper: FIGH C (04:35:58)
[Say]Sharte: So stop fight war and global warming, ho! (04:36:00)
[Say]John21: NO (04:36:01)
[Say]John21: i dont (04:36:02)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: FIGHT ME (04:36:05)
[Say]DemonReaper: FIGHT CLUB (04:36:05)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: YOU HOES (04:36:07)
[Say]Sh1k1: anyways, as I said (04:36:10)
[Say]John21: D: and get ur pantless body away from me (04:36:12)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: on tic tac toe (04:36:13)
[Say]lnstinct: GO TO VALHALLA (04:36:15)
[Say]DemonReaper: *Punches Fuwa in the face (04:36:16)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m off to do less trolling and more translating =p (04:36:20)
[Say]John21: lolz (04:36:21)
[Say]lnstinct: ill b lookin for pants (04:36:24)
[Say]Sh1k1: later, all, hope you enjoyed the show~! (04:36:29)

BOO HOO. お前はパセティック、この豚。

Next time, try finding someone who cares about your petty threats, will you? =p

(On a curious note, I’m deeply amused how he censors himself out by saying “sh1t” just so he won’t be reported. 本当にパセティックだよな~)

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