MBAACC menu translation update.

Same link as before.

Includes updated files concerning a minor typo of mine, an updated Readme file with more detailed instructions, and an important /System/ file which determines the naming scheme of netplay replay filenames (now that they’re fixed). Now you can have your own naming scheme for your netplay replay files to better keep track of who you fought! ;)

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MBAACC Revision 1.2 patch is up!

Get it here.
Sadly the patch overwrites the entire /Information/ folder, so you’ll need to get my translation mod here again. Instructions are the exact same as last time.

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MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code menu information translations COMPLETED

Go go go go go.

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Wow, École did us all a favor with MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code…

…because nearly ALL menu screen text is stored in simple-to-edit .ini files.

I found a translation of most of the text strings of the Netplay errors and such online, and decided to collaborate by translating some other stuff. So far, I’ve translated the main menu, the Options menu, the Pause menu, and the end of fight menu. Currently working on the Netplay menus, and then I’ll tackle the Training Options menu (the biggest file out of all).

You can get the pack of files I’ve translated so far here. I’ll keep adding more files as I finish working on them and update this post accordingly.

EDIT: Training Menu translation halfway done. File updated.

EDIT: Translation completed. Knock yourselves out.

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