So I played Marvel VS Capcom 3 last night…

And holy motherfucking shit I’m hooked. O_O

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

I recently got my hands on Capcom’s latest adventure/puzzle game for the DS, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, directed by Shu Takumi, who also directed the Ace Attorney games, and I have to say I’m positively impressed. I’m up to Chapter 4 so far, and the game has proven itself to be up to this point an amazing series of puzzles and quick thinking, though I have to admit the pressure thing during quick-time events kinda throws me off sometimes.

So far, a solid play. Considering this is by the same dude that brought us the Ace Attorney games, I expect it to remain so until the end. We’ll see the final verdict when I finish it. =p

2011/02/01 15:52 GMT-4 EDIT: Finished the game. Final verdict: get the fuck off my lawn, I’M GONNA GO PLAY IT AGAIN. [Read More…]

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