Playing Fate/Grand Order now

Got myself a decent team, but kinda need to fill some holes. No decent Sabers so far in the gacha rolls (all I’ve gotten is the bottom three Sabers in the Saber tiers), one decent Archer (Emiya), two kinda-meh-kinda-decent Lancers (Diarmuid and Prototype Cú Chúlainn), one decent Caster (Nursery Rhyme) and two sort-of-meh Casters (Cú Chúlainn in his Caster version and Medea), two good Assassins (first one was Carmilla and recently I got Ryougi Shiki as a Guest/Limited Time Servant from the current event, working on making her acquisition permanent), one decent Berserker (Beowulf, although he’s proving to be more of a paper cannon than even a glass cannon), and two moderately decent Riders (Medusa and Ushiwakamaru). Still need a Saber worth a damn, gacha has only given me the bottom-tier Sabers. Kinda aiming for Void Shiki during the Garden of Sinners event.

Also need an all-rounder so aiming for Edmond Dantes during the next event…

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I just (fully!) finished Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies…

…and holy shit was it a rollercoaster ride. (Yes, that includes the DLC case!)

I think my favorite new character is either Athena or female Robin.

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Hooooooooooooooooly crap, so much stuff to do, play and watch, so few hours in a bloody day…

…especially now that I have a 2DS with Ace Attorney 5 and Virtue’s Last Reward, and Danganronpa 2, Final Fantasy 9 and Melty Blood Actress Again getting launched on Steam, and the Ace Attorney anime coming out on Crunchyroll, so much indie dev work to do and the Verizon union workers’ strike going on…

My brain is working overtime as it is and I STILL can’t cover it all.

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9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors (2)

Motherfucking sudoku.

I refused to fucking look at a guide to solve it so it took me fucking HOURS of crunching numbers, considering it’s been years since I last worked on one.

Zero, you fucking bitch.

[End rant]

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9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors (1)

This coffin.

This coffin is an eyesore.

This coffin. This coffin. This coffin. This coffin this coffin this coffin this coffin this coffin this coffin this coffin this coffin THIS COFFIN!!

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The Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, mobile edition

With proper permission from Maj from, I’ve taken the time to figure out how to use and abuse an easily available, overcomplicated, annoying-as-fuck, overly graphically cute software to create ebooks called Calibre (not even gonna bother linking it here), in order to build and publish a mobile ebook version of his world-famous Street Fighter Footsies Handbook. I took the time to create this as, believe it or not, there’s some of us (like myself) in third-world countries that do play Street Fighter frequently and seriously and don’t have mobile data services on our phones in order to be able to freely browse Maj’s site for the handbook.

This mobile ebook version is intended to make it easier to carry the handbook with you, readable in either PDF or EPUB format (both well-known, well-used and extremely portable formats) so you can peruse it whenever you feel like it on your tablet, phone or any other smart device.

You can download the zip with both EPUB and PDF versions of the ebook here.

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Capcom, I wish you’d release Android ports of the Ace Attorney games.

It’d be a quick buck to you and some good entertainment for us. It’s a pain having to carry multiple devices just to play one little game when I can bet you my phone has the hardware capabilities to play at least the first three flawlessly.

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

I recently got my hands on Capcom’s latest adventure/puzzle game for the DS, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, directed by Shu Takumi, who also directed the Ace Attorney games, and I have to say I’m positively impressed. I’m up to Chapter 4 so far, and the game has proven itself to be up to this point an amazing series of puzzles and quick thinking, though I have to admit the pressure thing during quick-time events kinda throws me off sometimes.

So far, a solid play. Considering this is by the same dude that brought us the Ace Attorney games, I expect it to remain so until the end. We’ll see the final verdict when I finish it. =p

2011/02/01 15:52 GMT-4 EDIT: Finished the game. Final verdict: get the fuck off my lawn, I’M GONNA GO PLAY IT AGAIN. [Read More…]

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