Rebirth is complete. Here’s the process log.

So my death and rebirth cycle is already complete, and I’m here to document the process. I know I’m late, I know I should’ve done this about a week ago when I actually was done, but eh, work has been a bitch, and I’m getting more and more demotivated with it as each day goes on. But whatever, let’s get on with this.

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I love this song so much.

Don’t mind the video itself. =p

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I know there’s stuff out there with thousands of lines of code, but this is ridiculous.

3,109 - 359 = 2,744

3,109 - 359 = 2,744 lines of code. IN A SINGLE FUNCTION.


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Countdown until death and rebirth: 7 days. Also other stuff.

The other stuff being mainly the fact that I updated my blog platform (Flatpress) to the latest released version. Bit late, but better late than never, I say.



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I may not have the ultimate gear in the server…

But considering the gear I do have, I can safely say that I’m pretty damn proud of these.

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New personal project: Imagine XP Calculator redesign.

I’ve been toying with the idea of completely redesigning my old XP calculator for Imagine, and came up with a moderately decent idea…

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This hits a little too close to home.

Misconceptions about a programmer
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Rescued from the (almost) lost archives: A Random Story

I wrote this forever ago, in July 2007. Kinda liked it, so rescuing it from my old site backups. No real title because I never managed to think up one that satisfied me.

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First time I work on something this gigantic.

68,989 LOC, WTF MATE
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Dilbert has the right idea.

A random commenter brings us a particular Dilbert strip with which I feel deeply in agreement.

There's no kill switch on awesome.
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Congratulations to notsowellnamed and Milfeulle.

You guys won each one of my 50% Steam discount coupons.

Already gave notsowellnamed theirs, so Milfeulle, if ever you read this before the coupon expires, poke me.

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Newsflash: People are STILL citizens while on the internet.


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I’m a motherfucking systems engineer now.

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Fuck you sideways with a chainsaw on a street pole, Kyle Whatever.

Fuck you.

Via reddit:

Fuck this guy.
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Kiss my fucking ass, “maturity” advocates.

I don't understand how [cosplay] is considered immature, but [drinking mindlessly at so-called 'parties'] is perfectly normal. If you need DRUGS and ALCOHOL to 'have a good time' you need to GROW THE FUCK UP.
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MegaUpload has been taken down.

All because the MPAA and the RIAA decided to accuse it of piracy.

Next thing you know, RapidShare, MediaFire and the rest of the online locker sites will be taken down with the same bullshit claim.
All because of something I said before: the MPAA and the RIAA are fucking AFRAID of the fact that with the internet, they no longer have sole and unique control over creative content, and that they no longer will be able to monopolize the entire business of intellectual property by ENSLAVING the actual content creators.
This is what it’s like BEFORE SOPA and PIPA. Imagine what it’ll be like AFTER them.

US residents, call your legislators NOW. This NEEDS to stop.

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Remember that this is going on.

Go participate.

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I haven’t had a conversation this funnily awkward in a long, long while.

I was talking with a friend over Messenger about this reddit thread, and the fact that there’s an abnormal bunch of comments about girls having their periods while wearing white pants comes up. And so this bit of unintended comedy gold took place.

「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」「DZ」 says (11:17):
concerning the unnatural amounts of “period + white pants” stories
i do hope you’ve never made the mistake (and never will) of wearing white pants >_>
[Friend] says (11:17):
LOL. No.
[Friend] says (11:18):
I don’t even remember my first period, but when it starts, shit goes dark.
「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」「DZ」 says (11:18):
…i hope that last bit was metaphorical >_>
[Friend] says (11:19):
[Friend] says (11:20):
English, y u abandon me at 10:30 AM
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“Because China.”

I’ve never read something this fucking hilarious in YEARS about China, so I HAD to share.

Via reddit (edited a bit for readability; contents remain the same):

“Because China” is the only way to put it.

Last week I was in an elevator at 3pm with some nice people, patiently going downwards, stopping at every other floor for no reason because when most people in Guiyang want to call an elevator they hit both up and down regardless of which way they want to go (because China). Then the elevator suddenly dropped a foot or so (felt like way farther, but couldn’t have been more than that), then shot to the 26th floor, then shot down to floor 1. We exited, confused and frightened, and a nice repairman explained that he assumed it was empty and was just about to do some repairs. Why would he assume that? Because China.

I went to a Pizza Hut with some friends a few days ago. (The Pizza Hut in Guiyang is one of the nicest restaurants in the city, partially because Chinese Pizza Huts are really nice places, and partially because Guiyang is a wasteland, which I say in an endearing way.) We ask if we can get a large pizza that’s half one thing and half another. Nope, they don’t do that. Okay, sure. We ordered a large pizza. Nope, they’re out of large pizzas. Okay, that actually doesn’t make any sense, but sure, we’ll take a medium vegetable garden and a medium pepperoni, and a pitcher of pepsi. We can’t give you a pizza with only pepperoni on it. Bullshit, yes, you can. Nope. Okay, whatever, not in the mood, give me the meat pizza. We get a small cup of pepsi and a medium pizza, half of which is vegetable garden and half of which is meat. I check the receipt. The receipt reflects what we ordered, both in English and Chinese. The waitress is at a loss to explain the theoretically impossible and utterly incorrect pizza. Why did they serve us that? Because China. (The previous time we went, we were served seven identical pizzas, having ordered three and paid for three, again because China.)

In the last month, I have been asked by different cab drivers,
(1) how much whores are in America,
(2) whether military service is compulsory in America,
(3) if my parents are upset that I am 26 and unmarried, and
(4) if I’ve got a big dick, or maybe if we (Americans) have big dicks, I’m not sure.

But why do they think these are good questions to ask a guy who is trying to get to work? Because China.

A couple weeks ago, in the middle of the road I saw a twenty-five-foot-or-so ladder, being held upright by two men. It was unsupported by anything else. At the top was another man, working on a power line, with nothing to brace him, bolster him, or hold him but the ladder being held by two dudes. Cars were swerving all around them. Nobody found this exceptional. Because, again, China.

It’s not a land in which the foreigner suffers. It is not a hostile land or a wild land. It is, rather, a land of pointless minor absurdities and wholly unnecessary inconveniences, which coalesce to infuriate the ill-tempered and delight the rest. When I first arrived, I was informed by a nice older gentleman, “[FIRSTNAME], do not ever ask ‘why’ here. You can ask yourself any other question, and the answers will enlighten you. But do not ask ‘why,’ because here, there is no ‘why.’” And he was right. The answer — the only answer — to “why” is “because China.”

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Fuck yeah, it is. Better fuckin’ believe it, pal.

Via Sankaku Complex:

Sion Eltnam Atlasia cosplay
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