Dear Scott Pilgrim, I envy you.

The first girl I thought would be my Ramona ended up with her life messed up by another dude (very Ramona-ish in the least Ramona-like way) with something that I want ABSOLUTELY no part of, and the second girl I thought could be my Ramona ended up being some sort of bizarre mutant combination of both Knives and Kim rolled into a single person.




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“You see, we have something that they don’t.”

“Oh sure, they have armies, and they have armadas…”



“…but we… we have…”



“Our dragons!”



Damn good movie.

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I was leaving adding the 400th entry to my Watched list in my MyAnimeList profile for a really special entry…

…and after playing the Resident Evil 6 demo at my best friend’s place and getting utterly, totally and completely trashed, tingly and giddy for its upcoming release on domestic consoles, with a PC release following shortly afterward, I believe the Resident Evil: Damnation movie quite fits the bill in regards to how special it was, considering the timing it was released at and added to my list, my nerdgasmic fanboyism over the source material, the overall quality of the movie (very high) and the sheer awesomeness of seeing Leon Scott Motherfucking Kennedy back in action, kicking ass and taking names.

Beyond that, I just got my internet back after two days of having issues with the phone line due to incompetent street workers fucking up the below-ground line connections and it’s almost 05:30hrs, so I’m gonna go get some sleep.

Oh, and baby, if you’re reading this (which I’m sure you are), we still have those promises pending. Though you haven’t told me what you want in return either. =p Love you~! ♥

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I love this song so much.

Don’t mind the video itself. =p

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BLACK MARCH: Attack the media mogul corporations where it hurts - their profit margins.

Black March
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MegaUpload has been taken down.

All because the MPAA and the RIAA decided to accuse it of piracy.

Next thing you know, RapidShare, MediaFire and the rest of the online locker sites will be taken down with the same bullshit claim.
All because of something I said before: the MPAA and the RIAA are fucking AFRAID of the fact that with the internet, they no longer have sole and unique control over creative content, and that they no longer will be able to monopolize the entire business of intellectual property by ENSLAVING the actual content creators.
This is what it’s like BEFORE SOPA and PIPA. Imagine what it’ll be like AFTER them.

US residents, call your legislators NOW. This NEEDS to stop.

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Happy Holidays from Zach Braff and Donald Faison, two classy motherfuckers.

Also testing a new standards-compliant YouTube embedding code I discovered to keep my page validating from now on. (Yes, I’m aware of the empty <p> bug with the Google Search sidebar widget, but there’s little I can do about that unless I delve too deep in Flatpress’ code, and truth be told, I’m far too fucking lazy for that.)

Via reddit:

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Merry Fuckin’ Christmas.

Tyler Durden Says...
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WTF is SOPA? WTF is PROTECT IP? I’ll tell you what they are: A restriction of liberties for EVERYONE IN THE DAMN WORLD, due to the almost monopolistic control of the internet held by the US.

I highly suggest you watch and pay close attention to BOTH videos. You’ll learn a thing or two.

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I’m not even a resident of the US…

…and I consider SOPA (”Stop Online Piracy” Act) the


Giving so-called “copyright holders” basically the legal and constitutional ability to essentially fucking CENSOR THE MOTHERFUCKING INTERNET at their whim and leisure?

No thanks, I’m not as much of an idiot as Hollywood’s money would have the US congress believe.

And yes, I used lowercase for the word congress. Their current stupidity/abuse of power/profiteering doesn’t merit my using a capital initial to refer to them.

Thus, my website header is now censored and will remain so until a decision about SOPA is reached. The hearing will reconvene next Wednesday and NOT in 2012 as their dirty tactics would have had us believe initially. So those of you who live in the US, find the phone number of your representative’s office and KEEP CALLING THEM.

Do your bit. Contact your state representative.



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Color me excited.

<CapAmerica> “Big man in a suit of armor, take that away — what are you?”
<TonyStark> “Uh, a genius… playboy billionaire philanthropist.”
<Thor> *LOL*
I’m sold. Opening day.

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It’s the only way I can describe how I feel right now. After enjoying both seasons of the Kimi Ni Todoke series (”Reaching You” or “From Me To You”), I got myself immersed in the manga, and a few hours after finishing reading up to the most recent available chapters, I found out a live-action movie adaptation had been made. Needless to say, having really enjoyed the series thus far, I hastened to get my filthy little hands on it.

I’m barely 24 minutes in, and HOLY CRAP, the movie is SO WELL DONE. So much, in fact, that the lead actress, Mikako Tabe, even freaking sounds like Mamiko Noto, who voices protagonist Sawako Kuronuma in the animated version.


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Remember Jon Cozart and “Harry Potter in 99 seconds”?

Apparently he’s been taking constant swigs of whatever the hell he’s drinking to keep his levels of awesome up. Kid, you are made of win.

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Quoth redditor: “I bet it’s really hard to stay in character when your heart is melting.”

Via reddit:

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Because this song is made of MORE WIN THAT YOU WILL EVER BE.

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Holy stinking crap. Nostalgia factor has kicked in.

I just finished rewatching my Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time DVD and I got this irresistible nostalgic desire to replay the first game in the SoT trilogy (easily my favorite, though the third is a strong contender as well — unfortunately the second one was so riddled with bugs that it drove the fun factor to the ground), and holy tap-dancing shit I just found a veritable goldmine of old games in my old collection.

Besides SoT, I’m about to reinstall Resident Evil 4, MegaManX8, Mai-HiME Fuuka Taisen, Rozen Maiden Alice Battle, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou, and a bunch of other shit I can’t remember right now.

Damn this is going to be an enjoyable couple of days while I deal with the bureaucracy of formalizing my degree. =D

EDIT: Oh, and after listening to this ridiculously marvelous acoustic guitar cover of the Ore no Imouto OP theme I got reminded of why I want that song so bad on my little iPod Shuffle. =p God I love Taketatsu Ayana… Her voice as both Kirino and Azunyan is glorious…

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A couple of important things just happened these past few days.

And as much as I’d like to name them all in an orderly fashion just in here, you’re gonna have to hit the jump to read about everything. By the way, Aeria decided they really don’t want me back, even in spite of all the stuff I’ve gathered as evidence in my defense and all the stuff I can DO FOR THEM. Oh well, their loss. It’s just a pity that all my pimped out shit won’t get any more use, by me or anyone else.

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Make way for the Fruitybots’ leader, Melon Prime!

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I am speechless. AGAIN.

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So I watched [The Expendables] and [Scott Pilgrim vs the World] a few days ago…

• The Expendables

  • Manliness embodied
  • Why the fuck would you watch this other than for the shooting and the action?
  • “Give it to my friend, he loves playing in the jungle.” […] “..What the fuck is his problem?” “Eh, he wanted to be president.”
  • Verdict: If you’re a man, go watch this. Your quality as a man will be obliterated should you DARE miss this movie. If you DO miss it, expect your dick to spontaneously reduce its size.

• Scott Pilgrim vs the World

  • The Sex Bob-Omb (*snigger*)
  • THE geek gaming movie (fuck The Wizard, the Mortal Kombats, the Super Marios — THIS is the eponymous geek gaming movie)
  • Verdict: GO FUCKING WATCH IT NOW, aka…

    (Yes, that IS a frame from the actual movie, text emoticon included!)

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