Excuse me while I go have a heart attack.


Fucking MELTY coming to my Steam? And fucking UNDER NIGHT too?


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So this is going to be a thing, eh?

Hope it brings out the competition on Twitch.

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Decided to add a new page to the blog.

It’s not a blog post because it’s not intended to have comments on it. You get the drill.

Images for Steam Library Grid mode for non-Steam games

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Penny Arcade put it best: “My GOD.”

Super Mario Kart is old enough to drink.

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The new SMT Imagine chat/shoutbox.

With the move to Atlus, Aeria will eventually close down the Imagine subforum, and the Atlus forums do not have a shoutbox functionality. So I took it upon myself to get one running for the shoutbox regulars for when Aeria’s disappears.

Having tried a bunch that didn’t work, I eventually said “fuck it” and gave up, and mounted a Mibbit-powered IRC chat interface, located here. If you have your own IRC client and want to connect from there, you can use that too.

And now, bedtime.

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W. T. F. (Revisited.)

Because the previous video I used on this post got deleted way too fast.

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W. T. F.

Seriously. WTF.

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I know who my new main in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is going to be.

He screams OBJECTIONS at you, kicks your ass with decisive evidence and will utterly destroy you in the courtroom of the fight arena.

The fact that (via Court-Records.net) his five alternate color palettes are already out (and what they symbolize) further cements my decision to pick him as my new main (Sissel/Lynne palette FTW).

Freakin’ SOLD.

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Via Tenka Seiha:

French Bread’s new fighter…


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