Hooooooooooooooooly crap, so much stuff to do, play and watch, so few hours in a bloody day…

…especially now that I have a 2DS with Ace Attorney 5 and Virtue’s Last Reward, and Danganronpa 2, Final Fantasy 9 and Melty Blood Actress Again getting launched on Steam, and the Ace Attorney anime coming out on Crunchyroll, so much indie dev work to do and the Verizon union workers’ strike going on…

My brain is working overtime as it is and I STILL can’t cover it all.

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Excuse me while I go have a heart attack.


Fucking MELTY coming to my Steam? And fucking UNDER NIGHT too?


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So after a long and grueling battle with his writing style, which can get to be really droll…

…I have finally finished reading the five main books of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons).

Suffice it to say that the guy is an asshole for leaving SO MANY FRICKIN’ IMPORTANT PLOT LINES in the last book hanging from various cliffs. Doesn’t make him any less of an absolutely amazing writer, but still, asshole.

In other news, I think I kinda broke Risk of Rain — then again, Glass Mode is pretty much how the game should be played, haha.

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Rebirth is complete. Here’s the process log.

So my death and rebirth cycle is already complete, and I’m here to document the process. I know I’m late, I know I should’ve done this about a week ago when I actually was done, but eh, work has been a bitch, and I’m getting more and more demotivated with it as each day goes on. But whatever, let’s get on with this.

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Congratulations to notsowellnamed and Milfeulle.

You guys won each one of my 50% Steam discount coupons.

Already gave notsowellnamed theirs, so Milfeulle, if ever you read this before the coupon expires, poke me.

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Remember that this is going on.

Go participate.

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MBAACC menu translation update.

Same link as before.

Includes updated files concerning a minor typo of mine, an updated Readme file with more detailed instructions, and an important /System/ file which determines the naming scheme of netplay replay filenames (now that they’re fixed). Now you can have your own naming scheme for your netplay replay files to better keep track of who you fought! ;)

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And in celebration that netplay replay files FINALLY being fixed, I present to you my collection of online ass-kickings.

Given mostly to yours truly, since I’ve been out of practice for about a damn year or so. XD

Grab them here.

In all the matches in there, I’m either C-V.Akiha or C-Tohno. Now go enjoy seeing my ass get horrendously raped. =p

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MBAACC Revision 1.2 patch is up!

Get it here.
Sadly the patch overwrites the entire /Information/ folder, so you’ll need to get my translation mod here again. Instructions are the exact same as last time.

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MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code menu information translations COMPLETED

Go go go go go.

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Archetype: Earth
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Wow, École did us all a favor with MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code…

…because nearly ALL menu screen text is stored in simple-to-edit .ini files.

I found a translation of most of the text strings of the Netplay errors and such online, and decided to collaborate by translating some other stuff. So far, I’ve translated the main menu, the Options menu, the Pause menu, and the end of fight menu. Currently working on the Netplay menus, and then I’ll tackle the Training Options menu (the biggest file out of all).

You can get the pack of files I’ve translated so far here. I’ll keep adding more files as I finish working on them and update this post accordingly.

EDIT: Training Menu translation halfway done. File updated.

EDIT: Translation completed. Knock yourselves out.

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Fuck yeah, it is. Better fuckin’ believe it, pal.

Via Sankaku Complex:

Sion Eltnam Atlasia cosplay
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MELTY BLOOD: ACTRESS AGAIN - Current Code rev1.1


Ryougi Shiki

Been testing C-Ryougi. OMFG, as a former Shiki/Nanaya player, my (un)professional opinion is that she’s made of rape and win.

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I have two 50% discount coupons on Steam and I’m giving them both away.

At the present time I hold in my power two 50% discount coupons on Steam, valid from January 2nd to March 2nd. One of them is for any game on Steam listed as published by Valve, and the other is for Shattered Horizon.

However, as of right now, my gaming life is displaying three rather important qualities:

1. Steam has nothing that interests me anymore from recent mainstream games (games from big companies and such).
2. My poor old faithful doesn’t have the power or the juice to run recent games and even not-so-recent games, as clearly evidenced by this post.
3. I’m not even remotely interested in any of the games the coupons apply for, because I either don’t like the games (as is the case with most of Valve’s games) or already own them (the case of both Portal games).

So since I’m not at all interested in making use of either of these coupons, I’m giving them away.

However, there’s a catch.

You have to give me at least ONE good reason why I should give either coupon to you and not to someone else.

I’ll be judging the reasons I find most appealing, funny, (in)appropriate, or whatever tickles my fancy and give the coupons away accordingly. Since both coupons expire on March 2nd, I’ll leave the “raffle”/”contest” open up until January 31st (that way everybody has about one month before I make my decision and a full second month to use the coupons on) and announce the winners on February 1st.

Keep checking back; once announced, the winners will have to send me an email using the contact form located here with their Steam account information so I can give them their prizes.

Only rule: Only one entry per person.

Go go go.

Update: Winners announced.

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I don’t even like Touhou and this completely floored me.

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Holy stinking crap. Nostalgia factor has kicked in.

I just finished rewatching my Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time DVD and I got this irresistible nostalgic desire to replay the first game in the SoT trilogy (easily my favorite, though the third is a strong contender as well — unfortunately the second one was so riddled with bugs that it drove the fun factor to the ground), and holy tap-dancing shit I just found a veritable goldmine of old games in my old collection.

Besides SoT, I’m about to reinstall Resident Evil 4, MegaManX8, Mai-HiME Fuuka Taisen, Rozen Maiden Alice Battle, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou, and a bunch of other shit I can’t remember right now.

Damn this is going to be an enjoyable couple of days while I deal with the bureaucracy of formalizing my degree. =D

EDIT: Oh, and after listening to this ridiculously marvelous acoustic guitar cover of the Ore no Imouto OP theme I got reminded of why I want that song so bad on my little iPod Shuffle. =p God I love Taketatsu Ayana… Her voice as both Kirino and Azunyan is glorious…

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Let’s wrap up all the stuff that happened during my downtime.

I’ll probably be editing this post as more and more stuff comes to mind.

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Via Tenka Seiha:

French Bread’s new fighter…


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