Back to job hunting. Got fired today.

Not telling specifics. Suffice it to say that it was due to a paranoia-induced, completely unnecessary “scandal” involving a massive fatass SOB with a personal vendetta and an overly inflated ego, an entirely harmless Harlem Shake video, and an astounding number of assholes with delusions of grandeur.


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For those who care: No, I’m not dead yet. Even if I almost did die a few days ago.

Plowing through an asthma crisis for the past two weeks. Five days ago almost asphyxiated myself. (Dumb luck I didn’t.) Been getting plugged to oxygen all night every night ever since then.

This is also the second time in three months I get mugged and lose my salary of two weeks. It’s… annoying, to say the least.

Whoever wants to get in touch, drop me an email. I still don’t have full internet at the office, but I do get limited access to Gmail for work purposes. I’ll try to get in touch ASAP.

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