I was leaving adding the 400th entry to my Watched list in my MyAnimeList profile for a really special entry…

…and after playing the Resident Evil 6 demo at my best friend’s place and getting utterly, totally and completely trashed, tingly and giddy for its upcoming release on domestic consoles, with a PC release following shortly afterward, I believe the Resident Evil: Damnation movie quite fits the bill in regards to how special it was, considering the timing it was released at and added to my list, my nerdgasmic fanboyism over the source material, the overall quality of the movie (very high) and the sheer awesomeness of seeing Leon Scott Motherfucking Kennedy back in action, kicking ass and taking names.

Beyond that, I just got my internet back after two days of having issues with the phone line due to incompetent street workers fucking up the below-ground line connections and it’s almost 05:30hrs, so I’m gonna go get some sleep.

Oh, and baby, if you’re reading this (which I’m sure you are), we still have those promises pending. Though you haven’t told me what you want in return either. =p Love you~! ♥

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Yes, today’s my fucking birthday. Unless you’re my girlfriend, mention it and I swear I will rip out your intestines and eat them, and then obliterate you where you stand.

If you ARE my girlfriend, well, you know I’m just gonna ask you to pamper me because I hate my birthday.

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The return of the IMAGINE Perverted Screenshot feature… With a vengeance!

Albeit this time I plan to make it much more spaced than week by week as I used to. =p But expect one of these to come up again from time to time. =D

And since its glorious return merits something special, here you have a double whammy with my girlfriend’s character! xD

Mmmmmm, gray panties...
Hnnnnnnnnngh, dat cleavage...
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My life has been crap for the past few days, but I got a couple little things to help me cheer up. My girlfriend is one. And this is another.

My Win7 logon screen
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