Woooohooooo!!!! (Part 3)

About fucking time.

10 COMP slots. And all three LNC plugins in the same character.

Fuck yeah.

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Atlus, my friends, you really need to exercise better judgment in choosing community voluntaries to represent you.

Everybody knows that since Atlus took over management of Shin Megami Tensei Imagine, they’ve been working their asses off to more or less “live up to the (preconceived) ideals” that had been formed and set up during the tenure of the game with Aeria. As such, one of the things that many people (grudgingly, myself included) were hoping that Atlus would do right was the Game Sage program. In theory, the community concept of these is a number of volunteer players “representing” the managing company (previously Aeria, now Atlus), with the primary mission of being an intermediary between the Game Masters and the playerbase, as well as being available to help out players that need a hand with anything. (Secondary roles include organizing events and so on, but that’s irrelevant to the point of this post.) For reasons I shall not discuss here nor will consent anyone discussing in the comments with the threat of deleting any post that does, Atlus decided they wouldn’t be named Sages, but went for the completely ridiculous “Buddy-Buds”. How the bloody ever-loving fuck you can take that fucking name seriously is way, WAY beyond me, but I digress.

For the most part, I am surprisingly okay with most of the list of people currently chosen as Sages (I refuse on principle calling them what Atlus calls them, mainly on the grounds of how ridiculous it is).

However, as with everything in the universe, where the wise dwell, the idiots creep up.

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