A return to old times: So I just finished watching Zero no Tsukaima F…

…And the only thing I regret is that it was over so quickly.

Having closely followed the Zero no Tsukaima series since the beginning, and being such a HUGE fan, I can only say that I am IMMENSELY satisfied with how the series ended. It tied up the exact loose ends I thought it’d tie up, it dealt with the relationship between the leads in the exact way I thought it would, and the predictability didn’t detract from the delight I felt at all that, but instead enhanced the feelings of joy I had at such a heartwarming ending, because the execution was even better than I imagined it.

Loved it dearly.

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Geeks VS Non-geeks.

Time spent VS task size
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This is further proof of what I’ve always said: Apple people are generally pricks, and Apple users are generally imbeciles.

Via Seattle Rex:

A few years ago, Apple sold me a $4,000 computer with a defective graphics chip/logic board. The defective part was the Nvidia 8600M GT GPU, and when it was discovered that the machine was defective, Apple refused to take it back and issue me a refund. Instead, they promised to replace the 8600M GT boards when they failed, up to 4 years from the date of purchase.

Three years later, the board failed, and predictably, Apple refused to replace it. Instead, they used the fact that the machine wouldn’t boot (due to the failed logic board) to deny the repair. Not only that, but in addition, they tried to charge me a hefty sum of money to have it replaced, knowing full well that Nvidia pays for the full repair cost.


Three and a half months ago, after having my repair denied, I announced on this very site that I was going to sue Apple. Reading these lawsuit threats often, many people assumed that I was bluffing or blowing off steam, but true to my word, I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I sued Apple. […]

Fun fact? The guy


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Once again, I’m depressed. So sue me.

I was going to make a post about how I’m looking for people to play Resident Evil 5 on Steam with, but now I don’t even want that.

I’m majorly pissed and frustrated at a job in which the three devs (me and two others) are doing 90% of the work and getting only 10% of the gratification, in which 90% of the bullshit going on isn’t even related to the three of us working on it and we’re getting only 10% of the reassurance that what we’re doing is actually worthwhile, and in which we are yet the ones getting 90% of the shit and only 10% of the remuneration (both in morale and currency), because the four assholes that came before us literally got by pretty much unscathed, as long as we’re concerned.

This is the first fucking time in my entire life I’ve ever felt this frustrated at anything or anyone. Right now, I’m actually regretting I took this project on. I’ve dealt with pressure before. I’ve dealt with INTER-MOTHERFUCKING-NATIONAL pressure before. But this is a level of pressure that I don’t think anyone should be forced to deal with, and much less from an unapologetic manager who has SHIT idea of what’s being done and how much effort it’s taking to do it, and who fails to cooperate when we pitch ideas that might somehow make our workload more manageable. I don’t fucking care if the project is one fucking year behind. That’s YOUR fucking problem for hiring a bunch of inept code monkeys and not taking care to figure out the proper development cycle of an application like this. Not mine.

Note to self: Don’t take on any more projects you don’t know shit about from now on. Stick to what you can do, you fucking imbecile. Stop looking at the money and look at yourself, you blithering moron.

And stop fighting the people that have even the merest shade of appreciation for you. Keep doing that shit and it’ll drive you to suicide. You know that because you’ve seen it happen. You don’t want to end up with a shotgun round through your brains like your friend did.

Suddenly, that gun in the old man’s closet’s starting to look real friendly. Then again, I’m a shit-ass coward, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that either.

I am a veritable piece of shit, aren’t I?

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Rebirth is complete. Here’s the process log.

So my death and rebirth cycle is already complete, and I’m here to document the process. I know I’m late, I know I should’ve done this about a week ago when I actually was done, but eh, work has been a bitch, and I’m getting more and more demotivated with it as each day goes on. But whatever, let’s get on with this.

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Looking at the difference. Rebirth in progress.

Before and after.

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Death has occurred. Rebirth currently in progress.

Taking a bit longer than expected because the opening’s too narrow and there’s too much me to move through it.

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Countdown until death and rebirth: TWO DAYS.


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