First time I work on something this gigantic.

68,989 LOC, WTF MATE
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Humans are only allowed to kill a fellow human being once and only once through the course of their lives.

Once a human has killed a fellow human, they have no further right to die as a human being.

For any given individual’s humanity to remain, that right to kill a human must be reserved for your own death. The circle of life — birth, death, and rebirth — is thus completed, and the deceased’s existence can be considered philosophically beautiful.

Death does not have to be disquieting, messy, or otherwise uncouth. The grace of seeing life extinguished belongs to oneself, and both taking it as well as having it taken by force reduces the taker to a state of “animality”, so to speak; their existence’s worth sent unceremoniously crashing down to a point below that of a common beast.

It is the grace of death that makes life worth living. May you have a beautiful death too.

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Also, just for the record…

I fucking LOATHE writing financial applications.

Just so it’s out there.

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Yeah, been out of the air for the past few days.

I managed to score a small contract to finish a software for the government that had already been started and I’ve been losing sleep over working on this thing. It’s good experience, it’s amazing portfolio material for my CV, and the place where I’m deployed has a nice work environment — but the sort of piece of shit code I’m working on makes me want to pull out the already very few hairs left in my scalp.

At the very least, I’m thankful that the other two developers working on this project with me are way beyond my skill level (due to more years of actual, commercial work experience compared to my theoretical experience), good sports, and always willing to give me a hand.

But still.
Fuck this shitty code.

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Dilbert has the right idea.

A random commenter brings us a particular Dilbert strip with which I feel deeply in agreement.

There's no kill switch on awesome.
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Congratulations to notsowellnamed and Milfeulle.

You guys won each one of my 50% Steam discount coupons.

Already gave notsowellnamed theirs, so Milfeulle, if ever you read this before the coupon expires, poke me.

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Newsflash: People are STILL citizens while on the internet.


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