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Ryougi Shiki

Been testing C-Ryougi. OMFG, as a former Shiki/Nanaya player, my (un)professional opinion is that she’s made of rape and win.

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I have two 50% discount coupons on Steam and I’m giving them both away.

At the present time I hold in my power two 50% discount coupons on Steam, valid from January 2nd to March 2nd. One of them is for any game on Steam listed as published by Valve, and the other is for Shattered Horizon.

However, as of right now, my gaming life is displaying three rather important qualities:

1. Steam has nothing that interests me anymore from recent mainstream games (games from big companies and such).
2. My poor old faithful doesn’t have the power or the juice to run recent games and even not-so-recent games, as clearly evidenced by this post.
3. I’m not even remotely interested in any of the games the coupons apply for, because I either don’t like the games (as is the case with most of Valve’s games) or already own them (the case of both Portal games).

So since I’m not at all interested in making use of either of these coupons, I’m giving them away.

However, there’s a catch.

You have to give me at least ONE good reason why I should give either coupon to you and not to someone else.

I’ll be judging the reasons I find most appealing, funny, (in)appropriate, or whatever tickles my fancy and give the coupons away accordingly. Since both coupons expire on March 2nd, I’ll leave the “raffle”/”contest” open up until January 31st (that way everybody has about one month before I make my decision and a full second month to use the coupons on) and announce the winners on February 1st.

Keep checking back; once announced, the winners will have to send me an email using the contact form located here with their Steam account information so I can give them their prizes.

Only rule: Only one entry per person.

Go go go.

Update: Winners announced.

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I don’t even like Touhou and this completely floored me.

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And because I love how my phone currently looks, I’m shamelessly plugging it.

Because admit it, it’s fucking awesome.

My new Xperia X8 UI
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And after a forced trip, I am returned to my domains.

Full with my delicious games and all my junk and surrounded by Christmas candy.

On a more random note, I found I enjoy dark chocolate much, much more than regular milk chocolate. Thank you, Hershey’s.

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Happy Holidays from Zach Braff and Donald Faison, two classy motherfuckers.

Also testing a new standards-compliant YouTube embedding code I discovered to keep my page validating from now on. (Yes, I’m aware of the empty <p> bug with the Google Search sidebar widget, but there’s little I can do about that unless I delve too deep in Flatpress’ code, and truth be told, I’m far too fucking lazy for that.)

Via reddit:

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Merry Fuckin’ Christmas.

Tyler Durden Says...
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I am growing to hate this screen more than I’ve ever hated ANYTHING I own.

…And yet I feel strangely compelled to constantly see it, because the inner masochistic shooter fan inside me can’t get enough of the experience and the thrill that comes just before it.


'SATAZIUS' window, Game Over screen
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This is why Deadpool is so freakin’ awesome.

Via deviantArt:

Deadpool's version of 'Dick in a Box'
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Fly-swatting ahoge power~!
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WTF is SOPA? WTF is PROTECT IP? I’ll tell you what they are: A restriction of liberties for EVERYONE IN THE DAMN WORLD, due to the almost monopolistic control of the internet held by the US.

I highly suggest you watch and pay close attention to BOTH videos. You’ll learn a thing or two.

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I’m not even a resident of the US…

…and I consider SOPA (”Stop Online Piracy” Act) the


Giving so-called “copyright holders” basically the legal and constitutional ability to essentially fucking CENSOR THE MOTHERFUCKING INTERNET at their whim and leisure?

No thanks, I’m not as much of an idiot as Hollywood’s money would have the US congress believe.

And yes, I used lowercase for the word congress. Their current stupidity/abuse of power/profiteering doesn’t merit my using a capital initial to refer to them.

Thus, my website header is now censored and will remain so until a decision about SOPA is reached. The hearing will reconvene next Wednesday and NOT in 2012 as their dirty tactics would have had us believe initially. So those of you who live in the US, find the phone number of your representative’s office and KEEP CALLING THEM.

Do your bit. Contact your state representative.



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Today has been one gigantic piece of shit of a day so far.

And I will not be happier than on the moment I get to see the back of it.
Which shouldn’t be too long now, thankfully.

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Don’t worry, Akiha, dear, we all feel your pain. Trust me, honey, we really do.

"I didn't get to show up."
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This might just be a potentially sexist claim on my part…

…But for some reason I’ve noticed that most reasonably thin Asian women are rather good-looking. Though it might just be due to the cultural (?) clash between my western upbringing and the enticing of the eastern side of the globe, but I seriously do think most not-overweight Asian women look rather cute.

Just a thought.

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[FLOW] DAYS Piano House Mix (Eureka SeveN: Pocket Full of Rainbows OST)

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Finally got some real search power here with Google Custom Site Search.

So instead of Flatpress’ crappy search plugin (which can only search by post titles), now I have a decent man-sized search engine, harnessing the POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! of Google, capable of searching EVERYTHING in the blog.

Feel free to look for anything now whenever you want to find something here. I doubt Google will have trouble getting to it. =)

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So Gmail’s new UI got pushed out to my personal email account today… (Plus some gallery photos)

And Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a pogo stick doing the Macarena is it


Oh, and I also put some more new and old stuff in my gallery.

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Bit late (about four days), but hey, better late than never.

So I finally installed a decently simple gallery to upload photos to, and decided to break it in by publishing the photos of the con I was at last Sunday.

So without further ado, here are the pictures of the event itself and here’s the stuff I got out of it.

As a side note, I haven’t had the guts to open my special edition 2-disc DVD box of the second Evangelion movie… =p

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