I am officially miffed.

According to Pottermore I belong in


of all places, because…

I’d like to be known as… The Good
In a magical garden I’d first check… The statue of an old wizard with a tinkling eye
I’d prefer to study… Werewolves
If I heard a suspicious magical cry… I’d proceed with caution, wand concealed and eye out
In the night, I prefer the… Moon
On a coin, I prefer… Heads

Needless to say, I feel a little cheated.

Edit: For the record, I’m slightly more pissed off because everyone I’ve met in the fandom has always said I have a rather obvious Ravenclaw face, which I happen to be heavily inclined to agree with, even though my favorite character from the series is a Gryffindor (Hermione). Just felt like venting a bit.

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So according to Pottermore…

My perfect wand would be…



I am… Shorter than average for my age
I have… Dark Brown/Black eyes
My strongest point is, in my opinion, my… Imagination
I was born on an… Even numbered day
I am most afraid of… Heights
If I get to a crossroads going to a Castle, a Forest and the Sea, I’d go for… The Sea
And in a chest of Magical Objects, I’d pick… The Silver Dagger

Hm… That’s interesting. o.o

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Currently on episode 9 of [Seitokai Yakuindomo]…

And holy shit this is hilarious. The series’ TV Tropes page makes it even better. Description for the Moment Killer trope?

Moment Killer — Being staunchly dedicated to the (quite green) comedy instead of romance, almost every moment that starts to turn romantic doesn’t just get killed, it pretty much commits suicide.

Comedy gold.

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Random image dump time!

[Read More…]

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Sony Xperia X8 GET

Now to fill it with a bunch of fun stuff.

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Let’s just hope this pattern isn’t really anything to go by…


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Yeah, so today’s been a not-entirely-crappy birthday for me.

It was kinda crappy because most of the people I’d agreed with to come to the pool with me to hang out canceled at the last minute, but all in all it was a passable one because I didn’t get as depressed as I do most years, and the friends that did come are some of my closest friends and we had a REALLY good time.

…Man I’m fuckin’ old.

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Some blog updates and more FMA Brotherhood goodness.

I was getting seriously annoyed at how long the right sidebar was getting on unpopulated pages, so I did a bit of tinkering and rearranged the stuff in it. The Link Dump and the Categories sections should now be considerably smaller due to some compacting I did (click to expand and such), so all that’s left are those pesky Archives. I’ll see what I can do about those.

As for FMA Brotherhood, while I was watching it I remembered how Ms. Arakawa paid quite an amazing amount of attention to detail, and visibly increased Edward’s physical height during the six (in-universe) years of the series. [Read More…]

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

I don’t think I actually need to say anything, but I will anyway. Faithful to the original story, and filled to the brim with asskicking.
Go watch it. If you don’t, I WILL show up in your sleep and drag you down inside the Gate of Truth.
You’ve been warned.

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It’s the only way I can describe how I feel right now. After enjoying both seasons of the Kimi Ni Todoke series (”Reaching You” or “From Me To You”), I got myself immersed in the manga, and a few hours after finishing reading up to the most recent available chapters, I found out a live-action movie adaptation had been made. Needless to say, having really enjoyed the series thus far, I hastened to get my filthy little hands on it.

I’m barely 24 minutes in, and HOLY CRAP, the movie is SO WELL DONE. So much, in fact, that the lead actress, Mikako Tabe, even freaking sounds like Mamiko Noto, who voices protagonist Sawako Kuronuma in the animated version.


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Toradora! BD box set to be released on 2011/12/21. That’s fine and dandy but… WHAT?! A BRAND-NEW 26TH EPISODE?!

Via reddit, news from Anime News Network:

King Records’ Starchild label announced that it will release the Blu-ray Box of the Toradora! anime on December 21 with an all-new episode. The sixth and final disc of the box will feature the new episode along with the super-deformed series Toradora! S.O.S. ~Kuishinbō Banbansai, and the Toradora! Taikenki series with the cast. Starchild promises to provide more information about the new episode later. […]



More Toradorable? In HD?! With the possibility of the new episode being an epilogue of the story?!?!?!
Fuckin’ sold.

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So I got both Incredibad and Turtleneck & Chain the other day…

…and on my Lonely Island binge I was prowlin’ YouTube for an uncensored video of I’m On A Boat (with no luck, I may add), when I stumbled upon this gem.

You know, I’m not even a citizen of the US, but after this, even I think the US Navy is fucking awesome.

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<Stylish lizard> “Take the damn picture already!”

Via reddit (as usual):

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Remember Jon Cozart and “Harry Potter in 99 seconds”?

Apparently he’s been taking constant swigs of whatever the hell he’s drinking to keep his levels of awesome up. Kid, you are made of win.

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Why Vegeta never grew a beard + Carnival Phantasm poll update.

Carnival Phantasm: The Twitter poll still leans heavily to the side of us Harem voters, but the other side seem to have resorted to botting to be able to match us. We’re still leading by more than 700 votes though. Vote harem, dammit.

Via DeviantArt:

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I frankly can’t freaking believe I’m doing this…

…but in the name of my pride as a Type-MOON fan and for the sake of sheer hilarity, I have created a Twitter account for myself. Blame Type-MOON for that.

The reason? [Read More…]

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