Do people seriously grow more idiotic by the day?

Seems to me that’s our sad reality.

Via reddit:

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I think I hurt somebody’s feelings. So long, I guess, and thanks for all the fish~!

Unfortunately for them, I’m the careful, paranoid type that keeps or gets records of everything when the charges are bullshit.

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I love Deadpool. Everybody loves Deadpool.

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My brain has officially shortcircuited. I don’t know if this is the epitome of WTF, the epitome of hilarious, the epitome of retarded, the epitome of AWESOME, or a mix of all of the above.

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I am speechless. AGAIN.

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The male gaze VS the female gaze, compared.

Via Sankaku Complex:

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Aeria once more displays their incompetence.

Hello Shiki_Tohno,

This is an official warning from Aeria Games Entertainment regarding any and all public links posted on the Aeria Games Forums and Shout Box that direct the community to your blog.

It was brought to our attention that the website contains vulgar language that some players may find offensive, and moreover that is a breach of the Terms of Service.

We would ask that you familiarize yourself with Aeria Games polices.
Terms of Service:
Fair Play Rules:

Terms of Service
7. User Conduct
You must observe these terms, all applicable laws and also basic rules of etiquette and common courtesy when using the Website. Any conduct that violates the law in an offline, real world community is also a violation of these terms. AGE will not tolerate any illegal or offensive conduct.

You agree not to take any of the following actions:

A) Upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Submission (as defined below) that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

We appreciate the effort and time it took for you to create this site, unfortunately it does not observe our rules. If several edits are made Aeria Games would welcome links to be posted onto our site. If such changes are made please feel free to let us know and we will reevaluate this warning. Should the current behavior continue, or should it escalate, it will be in the best interest of all parties for us to permanently remove service to all of your accounts. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reply to this email.

Thank you,
Team Aeria

So apparently because I can do your work BETTER than you yourselves do (especially since you don’t do it AT ALL), you’re warning me?

Smooth, Aeria. Real smooth. =p

EDIT: Funny how mere minutes after this link starts to spread itself around by word of mouth, Aeria’s entire site goes kablooey. Probably a coincidence, but still fucking hilarious. XD

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So I finished watching Infinite Stratos a few days ago…

And if you want to watch this thing, the best advice I can ever give you is this:

Stay away from it if you’re looking for plot.


The fanservice is good, the humor is good, the harem comedy is good, the girls are hilarious (especially snobbish Cecilia, violently sweet Houki and deliciously charming Charlotte), and the male lead is a fucking idiot. There’s nice action here and there, and given the direction of the original light novels, the series was left on what could be a potential cliffhanger open for a second season. But as for plot? None here, no sir.

Only watch this if you want some light-hearted action, comedy and fanservice. Stay the hell away from it otherwise.

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Kawakami Tomoko, Requiescat In Pace.

Today marks a very sad day for the anime industry.
Kawakami Tomoko, a very versatile and prolific voice actress, has passed away after battling for a long time against ovarian cancer.

This death is especially sad to me because she voiced one of my favorite characters in fiction ever, the always awesome Ryougi Shiki from the Type-Moon franchise Kara no Kyoukai, The Garden of Sinners.

I feel very sad for her passing, because at 40 years old, this comes as a highly untimely death. Her talent will be missed by all her fans of all her roles, and her presence will be missed by those who loved and appreciated her in person.

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Update to the channel/zone distribution in the EN server of Imagine.

Found here.

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Feedback concerning the new SMT Imagine GS applicants.

So Aeria recently reopened applications for their fancy Game Sage position for Imagine, and because I was a little too lazy, NAme got ahead of me and made a post on his blog for REAL feedback, not the filtered, censored shit you can only do at their forums.

I already posted a reply to it with my sincere, concise and brutally honest opinion about all the applicants. You’ll notice that among the people I point out as good choices, while there are some close friends of mine like Kain and Mem, there’s also people I barely know, but have witnessed their knowledge, helpfulness, honesty and desire to help, like Alister, Ziggy and Viraxe.

…Now I’m tempted to make an application for myself to troll Aeria with. :V

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Via reddit:

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I am speechless.

I don’t exactly like showing, of all things, GIFs to people.

But this one is WAY too fucking hilarious.

Via reddit:

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So I just watched Kowarekake no Orgel today…

And there just aren’t enough words to describe the emotional upheaval those mere 30 minutes of animation and well-told story gave me.

An incredibly sad story about a young man who loses his family and his dreams, and a little robotic girl (a helper android called “Parent” in-universe) who’s lost her “memory” and just wants to see her new owner/older-brother-figure smile by making him listen to her singing. For such a short animation, the story spans several months, and yet it doesn’t feel overly fast-paced; the direction and voice acting were superb, and the overall production was extremely touching.

Romance doesn’t have to mean love between strangers; romance and love can also bloom within family bonds. If you like romance at all, or a good dramatic telling of the love of a family, look no further. This is officially my new favorite short OVA ever.

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For those who care, my plugin guide is back up.

You know, in case someone still needs it these days.

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Let’s wrap up all the stuff that happened during my downtime.

I’ll probably be editing this post as more and more stuff comes to mind.

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And after some host downtime, I’m goddamn back and better than ever! Bigger, longer and uncut!

Because you know you can’t live without me and my awesome cussing and whistleblowing skills.
Fuck yeah.

(For the record, yes, I know the three most recent posts before this one have screwed up dates and times; I’m looking into how to restore them to their correct timestamps, but at least they’re displaying in the correct order they were posted. If you find anything wrong with the blog be sure to post a comment here or drop me a line, and I’ll look into it ASAP.)

2011/06/03 09:12 GMT-4 EDIT: Fixed the dates, now everything’s displaying correctly. =)

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