I. HATE. Donating. Blood.

Especially when an indelicate bitch (like the one that tended to me today) is the one in charge of my extraction; she pinched my fingertip in an absolutely scream-inducing agony-fueling angle and then had to go for the fucking hardest-to-reach vein in my fucking forearm joint.

Fucking needle stung all the bloody twenty minutes I had it inside my arm sucking out my goddamn blood.
And yes, my arm still fucking hurts, thanks for asking.

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And just when I’d thought Mac fanboys couldn’t get any more retarded… This pops up.

Via reddit:

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So I played Marvel VS Capcom 3 last night…

And holy motherfucking shit I’m hooked. O_O

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Tiny __________ riding huge __________

Via reddit:

…Right? Right.

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Way to go, Aeria.

So I just found out my friend TifaValentine just got kicked from the Sage team and her account banned because she did ONE minor thing that supposedly broke their salad ToSsing, something which (unless they were being literally STALKED) absolutely NO ONE would’ve known happened under normal circumstances.

Not surprisingly, this happens after a couple of controversial comments on her part posted on this blog, comments that Aeria has absolutely NO justification to use as grounds to try and find the cheapest possible reason to kick/ban her, seeing as my blog is, most decidedly, NOT Aeria’s turf. From what my sources tell me, the “crime” she committed was something for which I can fucking bet my two crown jewels that there is absolutely NO factual proof, so it’s basically their word against hers. Doesn’t take much imagination figuring out who has the upper hand here.

I’ve expressed my complete disgust at Aeria’s choices in team members regarding who they keep and who they kick, as well as at their behavior concerning certain issues, but this goes BEYOND idiocy, and into retarded territory.

Good game, Aeria. Keep kicking the team members that actually DO work and make themselves USEFUL and keep the shit-brained imbeciles that only kiss your ass, then try to actually convince us with a straight face that you’re not actively driving Imagine into the ground.
Like we’re going to buy that shit. I for one, am not.

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As much as it’s a royal pain in the ass sometimes to edit the Flatpress platform to make it effing BEHAVE the way I want it to, sometimes I’m actually rather thankful and glad that altering some things is so simple and easy to do.

As such, I present you the new iteration of this little corner of the tubes: Nanatsu Yoru 「七夜」, or “Seventh Night”. Admittedly, it’s a rather obscure name based on a rather obscure item from my favorite vampire fiction, but eh, you’re not really required to know that, you’re just supposed to know that this little place of mine just took a turn towards the way I really wanted it to be from the beginning. =p

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Names have been omitted to protect these people’s anonymity… But this was too fucking hilarious to pass up. XD

[Dude] says (18:19):
「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」 says (18:20):
[Dude] says (18:20):
[Friend1 (in all caps)]
AND [Friend2 (again in all caps)]
AND [Friend3 (again, all caps)]
AND [Friend4 (…do I need to repeat myself?)]
「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」 says (18:20):
[Dude] says (18:20):
「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」 says (18:20):
uh… aren’t you?
[Dude] says (18:20):

「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」 says (18:20):
[Dude] says (18:21):
So I’m in an e-lationship with someone I met on [a certain MMORPG]
[Dude] says (18:22):
I met someone else on [the same MMORPG as before]
Somewhat closeby
And we talked a bit
[Dude] says (18:23):
So like
We have similar kinks
and I was JOKING around
and I was all
「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」 says (18:23):
[Dude] says (18:23):
So when we meet up we’ll stay at a hotel and experiement!
And she was all
I’m game!
and I was all
[Dude] says (18:24):
Then sh3e was like only if you were
and then I was like
How could I deny someone like you?
SHE’S 16
「Sh1k1」「遠野志貴」 says (18:27):
oh my god
you fucking pedo
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Eh, gotta love a random idiot from time to time.

Guest screenshot by my beloved Beni:

I guess you gotta love a random idiot from time to time.

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Yeah, so finally got around to updating my blog software.

Was too lazy to do it but finally found the time and the willingness to do it. Running the latest version of Flatpress now.
Now move along, there’s nothing else to see here.

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Why Steam is steamrolling over game sales overall

Small excerpt via Good Marketing, Bad Marketing:

[…] Valve differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering endless ridiculous sales, from developers who are making nearly triple what they do for each sale in a regular store and are happy to drop the price, to consumers who are more than happy to whip out their credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal accounts for an endless stream of bargains, a better distribution model, and instant access to all their games all without queues and without leaving their computers. What more could game buyers want?

Even if this excerpt pretty much summarizes the ENTIRE reason why Steam kicks ass, I really suggest you read the entire article to thoroughly understand the reasoning behind it. It’s an excellent read, in my personal opinion.

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Today… Is NOT going to be a good day.

<sarcasm> Yay for broken pipes and water leaks. </sarcasm>

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Fair enough. On that note, if you morons ever feel like having your software people actually do their damn job and plug the MASSIVE multiple security holes your text parsing engine has (all easily exploitable, as I’ve continually demonstrated), tell your manager Superman0X to contact me (I’m sure you have all you need to do that, except maybe the brainpower) and we’ll see if we can reach a deal.

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Via Tenka Seiha:

French Bread’s new fighter…


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More Aeria idiocy, part whatever.

Well DUH.

I asked a specific question and SPECIFICALLY remarked I didn’t want the usual bullshit.

What I didn’t seem to take into account at that specific moment was the fact that these idiots are masters at dodging the issue. I don’t care if it’s working as intended or not, you blithering pile of manure, I asked for a REASON why it’s working like that.

Apparently clear english language is sorely lost on these people.

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Time for some randomness!

1. Take slice of bread.
2. Cover with maple syrup. Make sure bread absorbs syrup.
3. Put slice of cheese over syrup.
4. Put in toaster oven.
5. Turn oven on.
6. ???
7. Delicious profit is delicious.

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Just HOW ridiculously childish can you be? (Part 2)

20110204 02:20 GMT-4 EDIT: Added a few more examples of politically incorrect devils in the game.

Just wanted to get this post along with further proof of the current Imagine team’s idiocy regarding their childish and mindless censoring. [Read More…]

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Just HOW ridiculously childish can you be?

Throughout the entire existence of our planet, there have been children, adults, and childish adults.

But you’d think that someone who’s supposed to work MAINLY as an overglorified PR rep, which is the main role of Aeria’s SMT Imagine Game Masters (because I can bet my fucking left hand NONE of them have a damn degree of any sort in technology of any kind — so much for their “vast knowledge in technology testing”) would be a little more of an adult and a little less of a scaredy momma’s little kid. [Read More…]

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