Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

I recently got my hands on Capcom’s latest adventure/puzzle game for the DS, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, directed by Shu Takumi, who also directed the Ace Attorney games, and I have to say I’m positively impressed. I’m up to Chapter 4 so far, and the game has proven itself to be up to this point an amazing series of puzzles and quick thinking, though I have to admit the pressure thing during quick-time events kinda throws me off sometimes.

So far, a solid play. Considering this is by the same dude that brought us the Ace Attorney games, I expect it to remain so until the end. We’ll see the final verdict when I finish it. =p

2011/02/01 15:52 GMT-4 EDIT: Finished the game. Final verdict: get the fuck off my lawn, I’M GONNA GO PLAY IT AGAIN. [Read More…]

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Wow… I feel like I accomplished something HUGE.

1. Read this thread, specifically the last post.
2. Post the following:

Suck it.

3. Get your post deleted.
4. Get b&’d.
5. ???

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For the first time in a long time, I’m genuinely (somewhat) happy.

I just wanted to get that out. This past week good stuff has slowly been happening to me and it’s all helped get my mood considerably higher, including (but not limited to) the arrival of my Seagate 750GB External HDD and my Tohsaka Rin Fräulein Revoltech, and meeting one of my oldest and most beloved friends from high school, whom I haven’t seen in 8+ years, casually in the movie rental club I frequent.

Yeah, I feel pretty awesome right now. Even though my life kinda sucks right now for various reasons, at least now I have a little wind of good feelings brushing my face.

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Big Brother, Aeria edition

The people managing Imagine (and with them, some sadistically pea-brained idiots among the people they’ve picked to be their “Game Sages”) are either pussies or… Oh wait, there’s no other option. [Read More…]

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Woooohooooo!!!! (Part 2)

And yet another of my Imagine goals has been reached. =p As a brand-new proud possessor of the Alice plugin, I present to you: my Erosion-Hex-Replacement Status-Casting Alice. =D

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