LOL. gg + Kämpfer = AWESOME.

One more for you poodles.

Gotta love random anime references.

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Words cannot describe how AWESOME this is.

Via Reddit:

Your move.

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So I went to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D…

And god damn did the friggin’ movie suck monkey fuck. I want my money back.

Basically, the parts in the trailer with the Alice clones raiding Wesker’s location are the ONLY awesome parts, and they apparently take place in the first fifteen minutes of the movie.

Which we happened to miss because we got stuck in traffic.

We got to the theater at around the point where Alice finds Claire with the mental controller spider thingy attached to her boobs. It was all downhill from there. (Admittedly, the part with the big guy with the axe was pretty fun to watch, but the rest was shit, shit and more shit.)

Verdict: Don’t even wait for the DVD/BD. This sucks.

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Yeah, so today’s my birthday. Boohoo.


I hate my birthday.


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