Sometimes I don’t know if I should, cry, laugh, or bang my head against the wall.

Quick SMT-related post before my actual, real blog comeback.

Consider the stats of a Mailbreaker hammer. Primitive Weapon (i.e. usable with the Retaliation Class 2 toggle Lord of Martyrs), low Spell, high Close Range — ideal for a Melee player, correct?

Notice also how this particular example is modded for +1 Close Range on the first slot

A fully modded Mailbreaker (5 slots, maxed mods on all of them) would be excellent damage for a Melee fighter, wouldn’t it?

Now consider this: I keep seeing this monster in the trade list. -_-


I’m honestly starting to think that stupidity is getting the best of humanity here. Then again, I’ve been spared the massive head concussion I’d get from throwing myself against a wall if I’d seen for myself the kind of stuff Royce has been witness to


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