People, their things, and their THINGS

I’ll let the conversation speak for itself. This was fun as I haven’t had in a good while. XD Keep in mind that this happened in one of the most populated areas of SMT — the bridge right in the middle of Shinjuku Babel. =p

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NEXT STOP: Home III. *cue suspense music*

On the next update: Commentary about how all the crap that happened came to happen, and what happened while all that crap was happening. =D

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Yeah, yeah, Merry Christmas and stuff, now go read and review =p

As should be of no surprise to anyone who’s known me for any length of time, I’ve been a hardcore fan of Capcom’s Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney gaming franchise for a while now, and have been completely suckered in by the attraction powers of The Phoenix Wright Kink Meme. This has gotten me into dusting off my writing skills using pre-established characters (which makes it A LOT easier to write stuff, since you don’t have to invent the universe around them). So that’s part one of the introduction done. =p

Part 2 is, I was out of town for Christmas Eve (and naturally, Boxing Day) and during the middle of dinner on Christmas Eve, the idea for this story popped up into my head, complete, from start to end, and I had to borrow a computer to type it out, the impulse to write was THAT strong.

And now the real body of the post: I’ve been writing stuff for the PW/AA franchise for a good while now (more than a year), and now that this blog is kinda officially established I’d like to share my latest story with you people. =p Enjoy. =)

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Yet another MegaTen Perverted Screenie of the Week. Come on, you should already be expecting ‘em. =p

If you don’t, shame on you. =p A bit late, but better late than never, don’tcha think? =3

This week’s victim: Azueli (Ninja peeking under floating skirt is ninja~!)

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The MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week~! =O


Mmmmmm… Delicious underboobs are delicious…

This week’s victim: Kendra (Price checks, anyone? XD )

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Cheers to my mate Royce! =D

Because after so long, he’s finally gotten his (and I quote) “lesbian lover”. xD

Congratulations, dude! =)

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The MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week, part whatever!

…Do I really need to say anything? =3

This week’s victim: ATHENE

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Jesus tapdancing Christ… Nearly two weeks later and my stupid home situation hasn’t let me get my fucking laptop fixed. I fucking swear I’m going to kill someone if I don’t get my damn machine back this week.

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The MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week! =D

I believe this kinda post doesn’t really need an introduction anymore. =p (Thank god I archived a few of these before my HDD decided to go bonkers…)

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