So far… so bad T_T

So far no luck with my machine. Seems I’ll have to wait until tomorrow and take it to a repair service, which means I’ll have to wait another three days to get it delivered back in working order. Man, this blows. T_T I’m missing my MegaTen family already. D:

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Out of the air! D:

My laptop’s HDD got busted somehow. I still don’t understand why or how it happened, but apparently a file or something got fucked up and now Windows won’t load correctly (32bit WinXP Pro SP3). I’m going to be off the air for a few days while I restore it.

Thank god for Portable Firefox and mirroring my profile regularly…

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And the new MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week victim is…

…unfortunately, my sweet little friend Amica again. =p (Click the thumbnail to see the full version!)

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The MegaTen perverted screenshot of the week~!

I’m gonna try to make it a habit to get a perverted screenshot out of the vaults of the MegaTen world every week. And without further ado, I present you this week’s, courtesy of my dear clanmate Amica. <3 (Click the thumbnail to see the full version!)

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OMG, I’m gonna get a beating D:

[Say]jUStkiLL: u know.. if u really wanna talk sh1t why dont u say that to my face irl (04:29:40)
[Say]Sh1k1: JK, dear boy, I KNOW you’re there =p (04:29:53)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously.. if ur that into me and wanna talk about me 24/7 (04:29:54)
[Say]John21: i iz clean man ;x (04:29:59)
[Say]jUStkiLL: its so funny how u do this all the time ^^ (04:30:01)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m saying this BECAUSE I KNOW you’re there =p (04:30:02)
[Say]Miriyara: lolz guys (04:30:14)
[Say]Miriyara: cool it (04:30:15)
[Say]Sh1k1: or you think I didn’t notice you doing a greeting emote? =p (04:30:17)
[Say]jUStkiLL: talking crap about people on the internet? (04:30:17)
[Say]Miriyara: just back off (04:30:23)
[Say]John21: the hostility (04:30:25)
[Say]Sh1k1: ^^ (04:30:25)
[Say]John21: plz plz (04:30:27)
[Say]Miriyara: shiki no provoking (04:30:30)
[Say]pacifica: MIRI lets make love to distract them (04:30:30)
[Say]jUStkiLL: u really dont know who i am right > (04:30:32)
[Say]John21: O_O (04:30:36)
[Say]jUStkiLL: U REALLY DONT WANAN KNOW bro (04:30:37)
[Say]DemonReaper: Your Jesus (04:30:38)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz u know what (04:30:39)
[Say]Miriyara: lol! i dont think its working paci (04:30:45)
[Say]John21: zZZzzZ (04:30:46)
[Say]pacifica: D: (04:30:49)
[Say]pacifica: oh no (04:30:50)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously man, ur lucky i dont know u irl (04:30:55)
[Say]DemonReaper: :O (04:31:02)
[Say]John21: lol stop (04:31:02)
[Say]Sh1k1: hella lucky, I know =D (04:31:07)
[Say]jUStkiLL: for real man, u really dont wanna know.. trust me (04:31:08)
[Say]DemonReaper: x2 :O (04:31:20)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz things would get ugly if u do (04:31:22)
[Say]DemonReaper: wheres my popcorn (04:31:25)
[Say]John21: >_> (04:31:28)
[Say]Sh1k1: and hopefully, I’ll never ever have to go as low as meeting you ^^ (04:31:30)
[Say]John21: i want paci’s oreos (04:31:34)
[Say]pacifica: hahas john (04:31:38)
[Say]jUStkiLL: yeah.. ur right (04:31:41)
[Say]Miriyara: lolz you guys (04:31:42)
[Say]jUStkiLL: ur really right about everything (04:31:47)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz it wouldnt be pretty.. trust me (04:31:52)
[Say]Miriyara: -rolls eyes- (04:31:58)
[Say]jUStkiLL: we are just cyber enemies (04:31:59)
[Say]LadyDeathStrike: now now ppl stop fighting . (04:32:01)
[Say]Sh1k1: not really, I flunked my second midterm in Multivariable Calculus (04:32:06)
[Say]Miriyara: guys cool it (04:32:08)
[Say]Sh1k1: so I’m not always right =p (04:32:13)
[Say]DemonReaper: there not fighting there bickering like old women (04:32:17)
[Say]John21: =_= i can’t believe u guys ignored miri and paci’s love making (04:32:20)
[Say]jUStkiLL: thats what im about talking about that (04:32:24)
[Say]John21: u both should be slapped :x (04:32:25)
[Say]pacifica: you shud listen to miri you dont want to make her mad D: (04:32:27)
[Say]jUStkiLL: if u really wanna talk sh1t (04:32:28)
[Say]NotSoSuperDude: lol john (04:32:30)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it to my face (04:32:32)
[Say]Miriyara: yar (04:32:39)
[Say]Sh1k1: well, aren’t I doing exactly that right now? =p (04:32:43)
[Say]Miriyara: i am a mean drunk (04:32:43)
[Say]jUStkiLL: and see what will happen (04:32:46)
[Say]Miriyara: er…mean mad person (04:32:48)
[Say]jUStkiLL: sure u can pwn me in pvp but like i care (04:32:56)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz i dont incense ^^ (04:33:06)
[Say]jUStkiLL: but im saying this one last time (04:33:11)
[Say]DemonReaper: I do (04:33:12)
[Say]DemonReaper: but i barely pvp (04:33:16)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m saying you’re a pathetic player deviating his incompetence into others =p (04:33:17)
[Say]jUStkiLL: if u wanna talk sh1t, say it to my face (04:33:20)
[Say]pacifica: OMG SHARTE joined the fight too (04:33:22)
[Say]pacifica: NOW ITS ON (04:33:23)
[Say]pacifica: dibbs on sharte (04:33:29)
[Say]DemonReaper: Incensing is only community illegal so meh (04:33:33)
[Say]Miriyara: GUYS (04:33:34)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously say it to my face bro then i’ll show u whats up (04:33:35)
[Say]Miriyara: SHUT (04:33:36)
[Say]Sharte: Stop war and global warnming, ho! (04:33:36)
[Say]Miriyara: UP (04:33:37)
[Say]John21: lol (04:33:43)
[Say]Miriyara: thankyou (04:33:44)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: o.O whats goin in (04:33:45)
[Say]Miriyara: <3 (04:33:46)
[Say]Sh1k1: besides (04:33:46)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: on* (04:33:46)
[Say]John21: listen to frost (04:33:46)
[Say]jUStkiLL: or come to chicago (04:33:47)
[Say]Sh1k1: didn't I show you that match? (04:33:50)
[Say]Miriyara: omg (04:33:50)
[Say]Miriyara: wth (04:33:52)
[Say]jUStkiLL: i'll show u whats up (04:33:53)
[Clan]Serlian: yes, I saw (04:33:53)
[Say]Miriyara: SHUT UP (04:33:55)
[Say]Amica: watching fight from tribune sit upstairs *-* (04:33:55)
[Say]pacifica: ._. (04:33:57)
[Say]jUStkiLL: for real im tired of this (04:33:57)
[Say]VincentNightray: fuuwwaaa fuuwaaa (04:33:57)
[Say]Sh1k1: I normally hit for 800s (04:33:58)
[Say]Sh1k1: and when I incense, I hit for 1.8k =) (04:34:04)
[Say]John21: lol sh1k1 = not on inc (04:34:07)
[Say]jUStkiLL: im tired of u always bickering and talking sh1t (04:34:10)
[Say]John21: i hit same dmg as him (04:34:11)
[Say]DemonReaper: Peace and love are for hippies yo (04:34:12)
[Say]jUStkiLL: u wanna say it to my face (04:34:14)
[Say]John21: and more (04:34:16)
[Say]John21: :x (04:34:17)
[Say]John21: ;x (04:34:18)
[Say]Sh1k1: the fact that you can’t defend against me just shows how pathetic you really are (04:34:19)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it and i would show whats up once again (04:34:23)
[Say]Sharte: Hee ho war and globar warming makes world hot ho! (04:34:25)
[Say]Sharte: If it keeps hot ho I can melt hee ho (04:34:36)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: Make love (04:34:47)
[Say]DemonReaper: literally h very melts (04:34:48)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: hate causes diarrea (04:34:50)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: :( (04:34:51)
[Say]John21: this is total turn off (04:34:53)
[Say]jUStkiLL: do we have make this clear? (04:34:57)
[Say]pacifica: *grabs fuwas butt* (04:35:02)
[Say]DemonReaper: Cigarettes are the cure for cancer (04:35:05)
[Say]John21: i dun wanna see man fites (04:35:05)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: kinky (04:35:08)
[Say]lnstinct: BFF (04:35:09)
[Say]pacifica: LOL (04:35:11)
[Say]Amica: spectator come to tribune chair pls *_* (04:35:13)
[Say]pacifica: BFF (04:35:13)
[Say]lnstinct: I NEED TO FIND PANTS (04:35:16)
[Say]pacifica: hi <3 (04:35:16)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it to my face (04:35:17)
[Say]lnstinct: <3 (04:35:18)
[Say]Sh1k1: anyways, if you'll excuse me, I'll do more less trolling and more translating (04:35:19)
[Say]Sh1k1: =p (04:35:19)
[Say]jUStkiLL: or u know what i’ll even come to ur country and sasy to my face (04:35:24)
[Say]Miriyara: i like how (04:35:29)
[Say]jUStkiLL: see what’ll happen (04:35:31)
[Say]Sh1k1: sure, you’re welcome to =) (04:35:32)
[Say]pacifica: oh pls u naked hobo (04:35:32)
[Say]Miriyara: this fight got us a crowd (04:35:34)
[Say]Miriyara: wth is this (04:35:36)
[Say]lnstinct: actually (04:35:42)
[Say]DemonReaper: a show for bored people (04:35:45)
[Say]lnstinct: im lookin for pants (04:35:46)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: man pants (04:35:46)
[Say]Sharte: Fight makes global warming ho! (04:35:48)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: mantiez (04:35:50)
[Say]VincentNightray: KAMEHAMEHA (04:35:50)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’ll even get you a room at my place =) (04:35:51)
[Say]lnstinct: JOHN (04:35:53)
[Say]John21: lolz (04:35:53)
[Say]Serlian: Make tea not war! (04:35:57)
[Say]lnstinct: do u gots extra pants? (04:35:57)
[Say]DemonReaper: FIGH C (04:35:58)
[Say]Sharte: So stop fight war and global warming, ho! (04:36:00)
[Say]John21: NO (04:36:01)
[Say]John21: i dont (04:36:02)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: FIGHT ME (04:36:05)
[Say]DemonReaper: FIGHT CLUB (04:36:05)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: YOU HOES (04:36:07)
[Say]Sh1k1: anyways, as I said (04:36:10)
[Say]John21: D: and get ur pantless body away from me (04:36:12)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: on tic tac toe (04:36:13)
[Say]lnstinct: GO TO VALHALLA (04:36:15)
[Say]DemonReaper: *Punches Fuwa in the face (04:36:16)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m off to do less trolling and more translating =p (04:36:20)
[Say]John21: lolz (04:36:21)
[Say]lnstinct: ill b lookin for pants (04:36:24)
[Say]Sh1k1: later, all, hope you enjoyed the show~! (04:36:29)

BOO HOO. お前はパセティック、この豚。

Next time, try finding someone who cares about your petty threats, will you? =p

(On a curious note, I’m deeply amused how he censors himself out by saying “sh1t” just so he won’t be reported. 本当にパセティックだよな~)

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