Infections, how fun~!

Last friday I was supposed to donate blood for a friend. Turns out I couldn’t because my WBC count was over the limit (10,000; my count was at 11,190). Doctor taking the blood sample said this was obvious signs of an infection. I’ve been medicating myself since then, using antibiotics and my trusty salbutamol (Ventolin), to little effect. Turns out I discovered today the Ventolin expired in freaking MARCH. No wonder I wasn’t getting any better. -_-

Now to restart my treatment, hoping this time (that I have a brand new Ventolin inhaler) I can get out of this shit. -_-

Fun fun.

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So about my shitty ISP…

I’m gonna write a complaint letter to the government authority that regulates telecommunication services. They need to stop issuing paying customers with the shitty devices they’re selling now.

Also, whoever’s reading this, if you want a domestic wireless broadband modem that ISN’T an absolute piece of shit, DO NOT BUY A THOMSON TG585 v7. It is the MOST ABSOLUTE SHITTY PIECE OF CRAP in the broadband market. A MUCH better alternative is the 2wire 2700HG (Home Gateway), which provides MUCH better user experience and an INCREDIBLY BETTER device performance (MUCH longer-reaching signal, MUCH more stable OS, AN ACTUALLY USEFUL FIREWALL, and some other stuff).

So whoever’s interested in joining the Shitty Internet Club™, or just want to let it all out and complain a bit, leave a word in the comments. Don’t be shy and berate anything all you want; I don’t bite, and I don’t censor.

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Anime updates

Well, I finally finished with all 51 episodes of Zettai Karen Children (AniDB, MAL) a few days ago. To be quite frank, the voice casting was awesome, close to superb; the humor was pretty decent most of the time, and the overall management of the biggest plot point (what The Children will turn out to be) was handled in a rather, in my opinion, scatterbrained manner. It was at most a decent watch, but not one I plan on revisiting. Ever.

Currently in search of something decent to acquire and watch from my Plan to Watch list. For some reason, the TV series version of Kyou no Go no Ni (AniDB, MAL) doesn’t really inspire me, and before watching ef - a tale of melodies (AniDB, MAL), I need to go and re-watch ef - a tale of memories (AniDB, MAL), since melodies is a direct sequel to memories. I actually tried starting melodies once, in all honesty, and failed so hard at understanding what was going on, I preferred to leave it for when I had the story from memories fresh in my head. >_>

As it turns out, I think I’ll end up getting Macross Frontier (AniDB, MAL) for the time being. In the meantime, I’ll go and fish out my memories DVD and give the series a re-watch before plunging into melodies.

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GOD DAMMIT. Caught a cold last night. -_- Maybe this’ll keep me down for long enough so I actually get to posting my written work stuff in the corresponding categories here. x_x

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