Yay, my new cellphone finally arrived. i ish happeh.

I’m slightly happy now. My new phone arrived. A Nokia 5300 Xpress Music with the screen rim in black.

Now what I need is a 2GB Micro SD card for it so I can store my junk. Probably be getting it tomorrow.

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Oh wow. More surprises. Just what I needed.

I just found out my faculty director changed. And I need to talk to the new one to solve a serious problem in university, the solution of which could mean my graduation. Jesus.

Life never ceases to surprise me. Usually for the worse, like right now. -_-

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And now, for the Nth time…

…I’m reopening this place. Hopefully, with the new, nifty and comfortable FlatPress platform I’ll be a little more motivated to drop by and post/file stuff here. Stuff has been taking a turn for the uncomfortable and the weird lately, so that should provide for some posting material for the near future, at the very least.

In the meantime, allow me to just state that I kinda hate my life right now, even though you shouldn’t and probably don’t care anyway, since it’s not your fault. I just wanted to get that out there. =p

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