People, their things, and their THINGS

I’ll let the conversation speak for itself. This was fun as I haven’t had in a good while. XD Keep in mind that this happened in one of the most populated areas of SMT — the bridge right in the middle of Shinjuku Babel. =p

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NEXT STOP: Home III. *cue suspense music*

On the next update: Commentary about how all the crap that happened came to happen, and what happened while all that crap was happening. =D

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Yeah, yeah, Merry Christmas and stuff, now go read and review =p

As should be of no surprise to anyone who’s known me for any length of time, I’ve been a hardcore fan of Capcom’s Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney gaming franchise for a while now, and have been completely suckered in by the attraction powers of The Phoenix Wright Kink Meme. This has gotten me into dusting off my writing skills using pre-established characters (which makes it A LOT easier to write stuff, since you don’t have to invent the universe around them). So that’s part one of the introduction done. =p

Part 2 is, I was out of town for Christmas Eve (and naturally, Boxing Day) and during the middle of dinner on Christmas Eve, the idea for this story popped up into my head, complete, from start to end, and I had to borrow a computer to type it out, the impulse to write was THAT strong.

And now the real body of the post: I’ve been writing stuff for the PW/AA franchise for a good while now (more than a year), and now that this blog is kinda officially established I’d like to share my latest story with you people. =p Enjoy. =)

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Yet another MegaTen Perverted Screenie of the Week. Come on, you should already be expecting ‘em. =p

If you don’t, shame on you. =p A bit late, but better late than never, don’tcha think? =3

This week’s victim: Azueli (Ninja peeking under floating skirt is ninja~!)

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The MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week~! =O


Mmmmmm… Delicious underboobs are delicious…

This week’s victim: Kendra (Price checks, anyone? XD )

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Cheers to my mate Royce! =D

Because after so long, he’s finally gotten his (and I quote) “lesbian lover”. xD

Congratulations, dude! =)

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The MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week, part whatever!

…Do I really need to say anything? =3

This week’s victim: ATHENE

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Jesus tapdancing Christ… Nearly two weeks later and my stupid home situation hasn’t let me get my fucking laptop fixed. I fucking swear I’m going to kill someone if I don’t get my damn machine back this week.

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The MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week! =D

I believe this kinda post doesn’t really need an introduction anymore. =p (Thank god I archived a few of these before my HDD decided to go bonkers…)

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So far… so bad T_T

So far no luck with my machine. Seems I’ll have to wait until tomorrow and take it to a repair service, which means I’ll have to wait another three days to get it delivered back in working order. Man, this blows. T_T I’m missing my MegaTen family already. D:

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Out of the air! D:

My laptop’s HDD got busted somehow. I still don’t understand why or how it happened, but apparently a file or something got fucked up and now Windows won’t load correctly (32bit WinXP Pro SP3). I’m going to be off the air for a few days while I restore it.

Thank god for Portable Firefox and mirroring my profile regularly…

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And the new MegaTen Perverted Screenshot of the Week victim is…

…unfortunately, my sweet little friend Amica again. =p (Click the thumbnail to see the full version!)

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The MegaTen perverted screenshot of the week~!

I’m gonna try to make it a habit to get a perverted screenshot out of the vaults of the MegaTen world every week. And without further ado, I present you this week’s, courtesy of my dear clanmate Amica. <3 (Click the thumbnail to see the full version!)

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OMG, I’m gonna get a beating D:

[Say]jUStkiLL: u know.. if u really wanna talk sh1t why dont u say that to my face irl (04:29:40)
[Say]Sh1k1: JK, dear boy, I KNOW you’re there =p (04:29:53)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously.. if ur that into me and wanna talk about me 24/7 (04:29:54)
[Say]John21: i iz clean man ;x (04:29:59)
[Say]jUStkiLL: its so funny how u do this all the time ^^ (04:30:01)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m saying this BECAUSE I KNOW you’re there =p (04:30:02)
[Say]Miriyara: lolz guys (04:30:14)
[Say]Miriyara: cool it (04:30:15)
[Say]Sh1k1: or you think I didn’t notice you doing a greeting emote? =p (04:30:17)
[Say]jUStkiLL: talking crap about people on the internet? (04:30:17)
[Say]Miriyara: just back off (04:30:23)
[Say]John21: the hostility (04:30:25)
[Say]Sh1k1: ^^ (04:30:25)
[Say]John21: plz plz (04:30:27)
[Say]Miriyara: shiki no provoking (04:30:30)
[Say]pacifica: MIRI lets make love to distract them (04:30:30)
[Say]jUStkiLL: u really dont know who i am right > (04:30:32)
[Say]John21: O_O (04:30:36)
[Say]jUStkiLL: U REALLY DONT WANAN KNOW bro (04:30:37)
[Say]DemonReaper: Your Jesus (04:30:38)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz u know what (04:30:39)
[Say]Miriyara: lol! i dont think its working paci (04:30:45)
[Say]John21: zZZzzZ (04:30:46)
[Say]pacifica: D: (04:30:49)
[Say]pacifica: oh no (04:30:50)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously man, ur lucky i dont know u irl (04:30:55)
[Say]DemonReaper: :O (04:31:02)
[Say]John21: lol stop (04:31:02)
[Say]Sh1k1: hella lucky, I know =D (04:31:07)
[Say]jUStkiLL: for real man, u really dont wanna know.. trust me (04:31:08)
[Say]DemonReaper: x2 :O (04:31:20)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz things would get ugly if u do (04:31:22)
[Say]DemonReaper: wheres my popcorn (04:31:25)
[Say]John21: >_> (04:31:28)
[Say]Sh1k1: and hopefully, I’ll never ever have to go as low as meeting you ^^ (04:31:30)
[Say]John21: i want paci’s oreos (04:31:34)
[Say]pacifica: hahas john (04:31:38)
[Say]jUStkiLL: yeah.. ur right (04:31:41)
[Say]Miriyara: lolz you guys (04:31:42)
[Say]jUStkiLL: ur really right about everything (04:31:47)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz it wouldnt be pretty.. trust me (04:31:52)
[Say]Miriyara: -rolls eyes- (04:31:58)
[Say]jUStkiLL: we are just cyber enemies (04:31:59)
[Say]LadyDeathStrike: now now ppl stop fighting . (04:32:01)
[Say]Sh1k1: not really, I flunked my second midterm in Multivariable Calculus (04:32:06)
[Say]Miriyara: guys cool it (04:32:08)
[Say]Sh1k1: so I’m not always right =p (04:32:13)
[Say]DemonReaper: there not fighting there bickering like old women (04:32:17)
[Say]John21: =_= i can’t believe u guys ignored miri and paci’s love making (04:32:20)
[Say]jUStkiLL: thats what im about talking about that (04:32:24)
[Say]John21: u both should be slapped :x (04:32:25)
[Say]pacifica: you shud listen to miri you dont want to make her mad D: (04:32:27)
[Say]jUStkiLL: if u really wanna talk sh1t (04:32:28)
[Say]NotSoSuperDude: lol john (04:32:30)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it to my face (04:32:32)
[Say]Miriyara: yar (04:32:39)
[Say]Sh1k1: well, aren’t I doing exactly that right now? =p (04:32:43)
[Say]Miriyara: i am a mean drunk (04:32:43)
[Say]jUStkiLL: and see what will happen (04:32:46)
[Say]Miriyara: er…mean mad person (04:32:48)
[Say]jUStkiLL: sure u can pwn me in pvp but like i care (04:32:56)
[Say]jUStkiLL: cuz i dont incense ^^ (04:33:06)
[Say]jUStkiLL: but im saying this one last time (04:33:11)
[Say]DemonReaper: I do (04:33:12)
[Say]DemonReaper: but i barely pvp (04:33:16)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m saying you’re a pathetic player deviating his incompetence into others =p (04:33:17)
[Say]jUStkiLL: if u wanna talk sh1t, say it to my face (04:33:20)
[Say]pacifica: OMG SHARTE joined the fight too (04:33:22)
[Say]pacifica: NOW ITS ON (04:33:23)
[Say]pacifica: dibbs on sharte (04:33:29)
[Say]DemonReaper: Incensing is only community illegal so meh (04:33:33)
[Say]Miriyara: GUYS (04:33:34)
[Say]jUStkiLL: seriously say it to my face bro then i’ll show u whats up (04:33:35)
[Say]Miriyara: SHUT (04:33:36)
[Say]Sharte: Stop war and global warnming, ho! (04:33:36)
[Say]Miriyara: UP (04:33:37)
[Say]John21: lol (04:33:43)
[Say]Miriyara: thankyou (04:33:44)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: o.O whats goin in (04:33:45)
[Say]Miriyara: <3 (04:33:46)
[Say]Sh1k1: besides (04:33:46)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: on* (04:33:46)
[Say]John21: listen to frost (04:33:46)
[Say]jUStkiLL: or come to chicago (04:33:47)
[Say]Sh1k1: didn't I show you that match? (04:33:50)
[Say]Miriyara: omg (04:33:50)
[Say]Miriyara: wth (04:33:52)
[Say]jUStkiLL: i'll show u whats up (04:33:53)
[Clan]Serlian: yes, I saw (04:33:53)
[Say]Miriyara: SHUT UP (04:33:55)
[Say]Amica: watching fight from tribune sit upstairs *-* (04:33:55)
[Say]pacifica: ._. (04:33:57)
[Say]jUStkiLL: for real im tired of this (04:33:57)
[Say]VincentNightray: fuuwwaaa fuuwaaa (04:33:57)
[Say]Sh1k1: I normally hit for 800s (04:33:58)
[Say]Sh1k1: and when I incense, I hit for 1.8k =) (04:34:04)
[Say]John21: lol sh1k1 = not on inc (04:34:07)
[Say]jUStkiLL: im tired of u always bickering and talking sh1t (04:34:10)
[Say]John21: i hit same dmg as him (04:34:11)
[Say]DemonReaper: Peace and love are for hippies yo (04:34:12)
[Say]jUStkiLL: u wanna say it to my face (04:34:14)
[Say]John21: and more (04:34:16)
[Say]John21: :x (04:34:17)
[Say]John21: ;x (04:34:18)
[Say]Sh1k1: the fact that you can’t defend against me just shows how pathetic you really are (04:34:19)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it and i would show whats up once again (04:34:23)
[Say]Sharte: Hee ho war and globar warming makes world hot ho! (04:34:25)
[Say]Sharte: If it keeps hot ho I can melt hee ho (04:34:36)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: Make love (04:34:47)
[Say]DemonReaper: literally h very melts (04:34:48)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: hate causes diarrea (04:34:50)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: :( (04:34:51)
[Say]John21: this is total turn off (04:34:53)
[Say]jUStkiLL: do we have make this clear? (04:34:57)
[Say]pacifica: *grabs fuwas butt* (04:35:02)
[Say]DemonReaper: Cigarettes are the cure for cancer (04:35:05)
[Say]John21: i dun wanna see man fites (04:35:05)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: kinky (04:35:08)
[Say]lnstinct: BFF (04:35:09)
[Say]pacifica: LOL (04:35:11)
[Say]Amica: spectator come to tribune chair pls *_* (04:35:13)
[Say]pacifica: BFF (04:35:13)
[Say]lnstinct: I NEED TO FIND PANTS (04:35:16)
[Say]pacifica: hi <3 (04:35:16)
[Say]jUStkiLL: say it to my face (04:35:17)
[Say]lnstinct: <3 (04:35:18)
[Say]Sh1k1: anyways, if you'll excuse me, I'll do more less trolling and more translating (04:35:19)
[Say]Sh1k1: =p (04:35:19)
[Say]jUStkiLL: or u know what i’ll even come to ur country and sasy to my face (04:35:24)
[Say]Miriyara: i like how (04:35:29)
[Say]jUStkiLL: see what’ll happen (04:35:31)
[Say]Sh1k1: sure, you’re welcome to =) (04:35:32)
[Say]pacifica: oh pls u naked hobo (04:35:32)
[Say]Miriyara: this fight got us a crowd (04:35:34)
[Say]Miriyara: wth is this (04:35:36)
[Say]lnstinct: actually (04:35:42)
[Say]DemonReaper: a show for bored people (04:35:45)
[Say]lnstinct: im lookin for pants (04:35:46)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: man pants (04:35:46)
[Say]Sharte: Fight makes global warming ho! (04:35:48)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: mantiez (04:35:50)
[Say]VincentNightray: KAMEHAMEHA (04:35:50)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’ll even get you a room at my place =) (04:35:51)
[Say]lnstinct: JOHN (04:35:53)
[Say]John21: lolz (04:35:53)
[Say]Serlian: Make tea not war! (04:35:57)
[Say]lnstinct: do u gots extra pants? (04:35:57)
[Say]DemonReaper: FIGH C (04:35:58)
[Say]Sharte: So stop fight war and global warming, ho! (04:36:00)
[Say]John21: NO (04:36:01)
[Say]John21: i dont (04:36:02)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: FIGHT ME (04:36:05)
[Say]DemonReaper: FIGHT CLUB (04:36:05)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: YOU HOES (04:36:07)
[Say]Sh1k1: anyways, as I said (04:36:10)
[Say]John21: D: and get ur pantless body away from me (04:36:12)
[Say]FuwaFuwa: on tic tac toe (04:36:13)
[Say]lnstinct: GO TO VALHALLA (04:36:15)
[Say]DemonReaper: *Punches Fuwa in the face (04:36:16)
[Say]Sh1k1: I’m off to do less trolling and more translating =p (04:36:20)
[Say]John21: lolz (04:36:21)
[Say]lnstinct: ill b lookin for pants (04:36:24)
[Say]Sh1k1: later, all, hope you enjoyed the show~! (04:36:29)

BOO HOO. お前はパセティック、この豚。

Next time, try finding someone who cares about your petty threats, will you? =p

(On a curious note, I’m deeply amused how he censors himself out by saying “sh1t” just so he won’t be reported. 本当にパセティックだよな~)

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Wheeeeeee! Almost 100 demons registered!

So I’m getting close to my personal goal of getting that extra COMP slot in MegaTen Online. I just need to register 10 more demons… And what do you know — I just so happen to have 10 extra DCMs laying around. =p Specifically, I have the DCM items for:

  • Camazotz
  • Chernobog
  • Hayagriva
  • Nandi (DAMN cow!)
  • Nidhoggr
  • Odin
  • Ogre
  • Okuninushi
  • Tarasque, and
  • Yomotsu-Shikome

So I’m looking for help with fusions to make all those. Given that, I already have a bunch of stuff in my demon depository that I can use as fodder to make those ten pointed above:

Everything in the packed, huddled group to the right of the depository is fair game to use in fusion chains to make any of the above listed demons — even better if the resulting demons can be further used to fuse others. Now come on, those few fans I have (’cause I know you’re out there somewhere), lend a hand, please? =D

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Human stupidity is why sometimes I actually regret being born into this world.

Right, so I’ve been playing MegaTen Online for a little under ten months now. So far, the community has been enjoyable enough, so much that I’ve actually been mostly driven out of the other gaming communities I frequent, mainly because the franchises they represent have been frozen for so long already. (I still do drop by from time to time, especially to RPM, Court Records and the /fate/ imageboard.) But you have to wonder exactly how far human stupidity is willing to go for someone to literally not just bite, but maim, dismember and eat the fingers of the hands that feed them, just to spit out the dry bones afterward.

In the MT community, there was a little corner in the vast domains of the intertubes that stood out above all others, Finella’s blog. Being (at least from what my completely uninformed view could gather) an avid and knowledgeable player of the japanese version of the game, Fifi always kept her blog updated with the new stuff from Cave’s server back in the land of the rising sun, as well as a plethora of information tables and data dumps pulled straight from the game’s client files. Unless you were extremely thick, extremely arrogant or extremely stupid (although the line between all three is so thin you might never notice it), or unless you were basically a caveman living under a rock for the past ten months, Fifi’s information was always of extreme value to those of us playing on the english server.

Well, to make a long story short, because of ONE blithering idiot in Aeria’s server who couldn’t keep his trap shut, ALL of us EN server players have just been denied the heaps of useful information Fifi had.

As for myself, I’ve been able to rescue some of this info, partly from Google cache, partly from salvaged pages at, but according to her wishes, I shall NOT be making it public any time soon.

As for you, diablopanqueque, I hope you’re happy — your insurmountable levels of idiocy have basically fucked us all. In the immortal words of TV Tropes, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.

Human Stupidity - 1, Common Sense - 0. Game, set, match.

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Wow. Sometimes I even scare myself. And that’s NOT a good thing.

So I’ve been playing Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine in the EN server since the start of the year, and started playing Fortune Cards (their approximation of a lottery system) since only a little while ago. I’ve always had some horrible luck for my entire life, so getting crap prizes in the FCs so far was no surprise to me.

What WAS surprising to me, instead, was the fact that after the Attacker Cards snafu (special stat-boosting items that would completely unbalance the game for PVP fights, but were otherwise highly useful in PVE, and that stacked with regular stat-boosting items), everyone who spent their cash on these Attackers (valued in Aeria Points, or AP) got refunds for them and some bonus items for the loss of their buffs. Well, turns out I decided to play FCs with my refunds, and frankly, I’m scared at my luck. I got TWO of the rarest vanity outfit vouchers in the game right now — the General Voucher, which can be exchanged for a Samurai outfit (for males) or a Ninja outfit (for females), as well as the incredibly rare Black Guard voucher (a very useful damage-dealing suit that buffs dealt DPS by percents, not by points) in a mere five plays of the lottery.

With how abysmally shitty my luck has been in my entire life, I have to admit I was scared out of my ass when I got all those things.

Wow. Just… Wow.

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Infections, how fun~!

Last friday I was supposed to donate blood for a friend. Turns out I couldn’t because my WBC count was over the limit (10,000; my count was at 11,190). Doctor taking the blood sample said this was obvious signs of an infection. I’ve been medicating myself since then, using antibiotics and my trusty salbutamol (Ventolin), to little effect. Turns out I discovered today the Ventolin expired in freaking MARCH. No wonder I wasn’t getting any better. -_-

Now to restart my treatment, hoping this time (that I have a brand new Ventolin inhaler) I can get out of this shit. -_-

Fun fun.

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So about my shitty ISP…

I’m gonna write a complaint letter to the government authority that regulates telecommunication services. They need to stop issuing paying customers with the shitty devices they’re selling now.

Also, whoever’s reading this, if you want a domestic wireless broadband modem that ISN’T an absolute piece of shit, DO NOT BUY A THOMSON TG585 v7. It is the MOST ABSOLUTE SHITTY PIECE OF CRAP in the broadband market. A MUCH better alternative is the 2wire 2700HG (Home Gateway), which provides MUCH better user experience and an INCREDIBLY BETTER device performance (MUCH longer-reaching signal, MUCH more stable OS, AN ACTUALLY USEFUL FIREWALL, and some other stuff).

So whoever’s interested in joining the Shitty Internet Club™, or just want to let it all out and complain a bit, leave a word in the comments. Don’t be shy and berate anything all you want; I don’t bite, and I don’t censor.

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Anime updates

Well, I finally finished with all 51 episodes of Zettai Karen Children (AniDB, MAL) a few days ago. To be quite frank, the voice casting was awesome, close to superb; the humor was pretty decent most of the time, and the overall management of the biggest plot point (what The Children will turn out to be) was handled in a rather, in my opinion, scatterbrained manner. It was at most a decent watch, but not one I plan on revisiting. Ever.

Currently in search of something decent to acquire and watch from my Plan to Watch list. For some reason, the TV series version of Kyou no Go no Ni (AniDB, MAL) doesn’t really inspire me, and before watching ef - a tale of melodies (AniDB, MAL), I need to go and re-watch ef - a tale of memories (AniDB, MAL), since melodies is a direct sequel to memories. I actually tried starting melodies once, in all honesty, and failed so hard at understanding what was going on, I preferred to leave it for when I had the story from memories fresh in my head. >_>

As it turns out, I think I’ll end up getting Macross Frontier (AniDB, MAL) for the time being. In the meantime, I’ll go and fish out my memories DVD and give the series a re-watch before plunging into melodies.

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GOD DAMMIT. Caught a cold last night. -_- Maybe this’ll keep me down for long enough so I actually get to posting my written work stuff in the corresponding categories here. x_x

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