A couple of important things just happened these past few days.

And as much as I’d like to name them all in an orderly fashion just in here, you’re gonna have to hit the jump to read about everything. By the way, Aeria decided they really don’t want me back, even in spite of all the stuff I’ve gathered as evidence in my defense and all the stuff I can DO FOR THEM. Oh well, their loss. It’s just a pity that all my pimped out shit won’t get any more use, by me or anyone else.

Okay, so the important stuff. I know how you guys all hate lists, so here’s everything in a neat, orderly little… list. =p

1. Aeria decided that they permanently don’t want me back. This is only mildly annoying as I had already suspected this would be the final outcome. I took the time to draft out a long letter depicting all the evidence I could gather about my situation and explaining all I could contribute to AERIA ITSELF, not just Imagine, if they had given me the chance. Since I’m never going back there, I don’t feel any sort of guilt about this anymore:

Everybody who ever gave a damn already knows old/retired GS Theena is current GM Peanut (Tina Greenfield).
What most people fail to realize is that Theenut was hired while her ex-husband PinO was still an active player of Imagine, in clear violation of the usual trust rules set by contracts of this nature.
Bypassing the censoring filter in the forums and the shoutboxes is retardedly easy.
Just enter a set of empty tags in the middle of a normally censored word (like “fu[b][/b]ck”) and watch the filter go stupid.
This is also the idea behind the “empty posts”. Just enter a set of empty tags and submit; the parser detects there was a string there, but the display finds nothing to show, so the post appears empty.
Similarly, since the filter is only set to censor ASCII characters, you can safely use JASCII characters to bypass it. There’s a whole technical explanation behind this but I won’t bore you too much with it. =p
If you’re not a heavy cash spender, the ONLY way to NOT get banned after becoming notorious in the community is by being a dipshit.
And I don’t mean in the insulting, derogatory sense; I mean in the literal, shit-for-brains sense. Any productive member of society that has no fear of voicing an opinion of their own and doesn’t spend thousands is doomed to eventually meet their end at the hand of some of Aeria’s idiotic goons.

Re: the so-called “disrespect” issue, I’ve never “disrespected” anyone who deserved any level of respect. Xandamere was an exemplary person and a majestic example of what proper administration of an online game should be; so was Rei in the short stint he had in Imagine while I was still a regular. Why? Because they actually have brains inside their heads, were able to answer clear and concrete questions, and actually KNEW how to handle customer support; those reasons and more EARNED them my respect. Idiots like Greywulf who just skirt specific questions shot at them and dumbfucks like Theenut who pretend to be these great trolls while merely being byproducts of nature do not deserve my respect in the slightest bit.

Remember kids (and a few mentally undeveloped adults should keep this in mind too): Respect is EARNED, not freely given. Sigh.

This marks my final attempt at reconciling with Aeria. Those of you who miss me, want advice about anything concerning Imagine, or just want to get in touch, you’re welcome to contact me through here and MSN Messenger, I’m always lurking around. =)
2. I finally bought my new domain name. In the upcoming days I’ll be transitioning the URL of this place from its Co.cc domain (which was blacklisted by Google due to spammers abusing it to create spam sites) to a brand new .net domain, which will also put it back on Google search results. That doesn’t mean your old Co.cc bookmarks will die, however. At least not until the Co.cc domain expires, which should be in about half a year from now. But by then EVERYBODY should have updated their links to my new .net URL. Plus I have my own ulterior motives for this as well. =p
3. After a long, tiring, drawn-out and ultimately very taxing fight, I finally got my Software Engineering degree. Little to say here except “about fucking time”.
4. I’ve gotten back into enjoying old console games. A few days ago I got this absolutely INSANE urge to replay the first MegaManX game for the SNES. Still as good as I remember it being. Gonna get X2 and X3 in the queue as well to replay them soon, and I’ve already started a replay file of Ghost Trick. Wonder where the hell my PC MMX8 and Prince of Persia Sands of Time install discs are…
5. I got my Pottermore account. Still haven’t been let into the site, but at least my account’s registered. :V I’m kinda pissed that they don’t let you pick your own username though, but at least I got a moderately decent one (LightFang5). Would’ve preferred to go with my regular ones, Shiki_Tohno or Sh1k1. =(
6. I’m finally upgrading watches. I’ve been using the old silver Casio my grandma got me for the last birthday she lived through, and though I don’t plan to get rid of it (nostalgia value and all that), it’s been six freaking years with it already. It needs to get some rest.

So I went checking around and found this rather elegant Armitron watch for a reasonable price, and gifted it to myself for a job well done with my fucking degree. =p
7. I’m gonna be applying soon for a Certification in Game Design at the only tech school that has those in the country. How well I’ll do is another matter altogether, I need to freaking brush up on my C# XNA skills again since I haven’t written a line of code in that thing in about four years.
8. I FINALLY got my filthy dirty little hands on DVD copies of The Dark Knight and Tropic Thunder. To me they are an essential part of anybody’s movie library, and I finally found decently priced boxes of both movies. Whee. :V
9. I’ve been getting back into manga and anime after a relatively long hiatus. Currently watching Seitokai no Ichizon though I can’t say I’m particularly enjoying it. At least I have a good list of stuff to watch after I finish it… or if I decide I don’t want to finish it. >_>
…I think that’s all for the time being. I knew I had other shit to talk about but I can’t remember what it was, given that I’ve been interrupted no less than SIX FUCKING TIMES while attempting to write this post. =\ Oh well.

Last Edited on: 2012/03/27 11:32:51 GMT-4

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  1. UnluckyOrpheus

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 01:14:46


    THAT’S how you get shit done. :D

    ‘Grats on the degree, glad to see you’re gonna do something with it.

  2. Moony

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 09:01:15

    I’m sorry that they’ve treated you so unjustly… Disrespect and being honest are two completely different things, and they clearly don’t see that. You’re a great person and always a pleasure to talk to so I hope we will keep in contact still.I really hope someone will continue your legacy. It’s boring not having someone honest around. I could be this person, but sadly I’ve been on my way out for months.

    It’s a real shame that they outright terminated your account before you were able to give evidence. I used to think that Aeria was a great company, but now it just seems like it’s shitty.

    Congratulations on your degree!

  3. Kuenaimaku

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 13:59:29

    01: o/ They still ignore my pleas for wiki permissions. Its a damn shame to lose you. I’ll be bugging you constantly thru MSN, you’re gonna have to block me one of these days out of sheer annoyance. Rei is indeed a cool guy, he messed around on my Minecraft server. I still think he does.
    02: Yay for google. I’ll miss the co.cc.
    03: o/ yay education
    04: Wheel Gator bgm. so good.
    05: Awesome, as someone who likes it to a reasonable extent, I am happy for you.
    06: I’m never good with watches. If I had one like that though, I’d be very good with it. You deserve a gift. :P
    07: Screw design, development’s where its at.
    08: Never watched Dark Knight, I lol’d hard at Tropic Thunder.
    09: Mayo Chiki!. Usagi Drop. Those are two I’d recommend to you, as of now.

    TL;DR: Yay good things, boo bad things.

  4. Eri.Donnal

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 17:58:07

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep om nomming on MSN when you aren’t hiding out.

  5. just your unpleasant neighboor

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 21:31:48

    Oh man, no wonder why a certain acquaintance of yours sent me that post. Do I smell butthurt here or what? Too “bad” Aeria “lost” you? Make me laugh, “honey F”. First, you’re NOT the one and only person who contributed in more than one ways to improve the community’s knowledge. So “their loss”? Haha. See? I’m already laughing, congratulations for you. There are plenty other players who will fill “your” role, don’t be bothered about that.

    Second, just because you thought you made “such important contributions in the forum”, you had the right to outwardly offend the other players? You live in community, the minimum we can expect for such a mature evolved being is to be able to relate with people properly. “Remember kids (and a few mentally undeveloped adults should keep this in mind too): Respect is EARNED, not freely given.” No, delicious, affection YES is earned. Respect is something EVERYONE deserves, despite you like him/her/it/whatever or not. THIS is what we call being mature, THIS is how we can live in society peacefully. If it’s not like that, can I call you a porky garbage cucaracha because I, in my personal ignorance, think latinos don’t deserve any respect? (And before you start barking around, I’m NOT racist, it’s just argument).

    Third, “many other players have readily admitted (some to the point of bragging) to displaying my exact same behavior”. But you DO brag (ops, sorry, DID brag, you’re NOT in Aeria anymore, sorry) and feel proud about being a “jerk” (by your own self-proclaimed definition). Congratulations again, you’ve became (even more) hypocrite. It’s kinda funny how humble you can behave when playing victim, I didn’t know that side of yours.

    Forth, spreading rumors about GM Peanut’s history in Aeria? Why’s that? Why don’t you share with us the time you got banned by considering yourself “Lorelei’s sex slave”? Also, insults to the Game Masters won’t contribute in anything to amend your situation (where’s that influence you thought you had now, hm?). At the best scenario, it will make you spill your impotence.

    It was about time you got banned. Carry your ego and “attitude” to yourself, in the unique place that can store it all: your huge belly.

    P.S.: Funny thing you aimed your cynical comment to “kids” and “undeveloped adults”. I thought you enjoyed children. =p Getting banned also messed up with your sexual disgusting preferences or what?
    P.S.2: To avoid being accused as a troll, I’m just being “brutally honest”. xD And, if I can advise you, create your own MMO. Do that, srsly. Rule that game, ban the people who don’t fit your demeanor standards if you feel like it. This will make up for your actual lack of power.
    P.S.3: Don’t be high-spirited just because I said you’re delicious. You’re not. You’re fat, ugly, use awful glasses. Buy a mirror. Kisses.

  6. Serlian

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 23:10:47

    I still think you should have taken down more people with you.

    And to the monkey above. ATTA BOY MONKEY! You keep telling ‘em internet peeps your beliefs! I’m sure they will start caring eventually! In fact, why did you bother to make such a long rant (RANTALICIOUS) if you know perfectly well the guy its directed at will just laugh it off? Christ you people make the internet such a better place! It *feeds* you, prolly has something to do with bug spray.

  7. Shiki

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 23:15:15

    …Well, I have to admit you got a nice chuckle out of me, and for that I give you my thanks. =p My migraine has been acting up all day due to a hydraulic oil leak in my car, and a small laugh goes a long way helping against that. =)

    Now, you can take this however you want, because if I know at all people like you, you’re going to dismiss anything I say, but either way I’ll put it out there: I’m not at all “butthurt”, as you call it; like I’ve said in multiple occasions before, I knew this was eventually going to happen, and like I’ve also said in multiple occasions before, the only thing that mildly saddens me is that all my stuff isn’t going to be used by anybody else. Modesty aside, I had excellent gear for my class.

    The only reason I cared about these bans was because I do believe (and many other people agree) that they were enacted with prejudice. Surely, if you’re any level of mature, you’ll remember that I said that to Lori as a clear joke (as everyone but you and your cronies back at Aeria, it seems, took it)? At this point, I’d like to make a derisive comment about how far you seem to have a stick up where the sun don’t shine, but I’d rather not go down to your level.

    Yes, I’m proud of being a jerk. Why? Because that’s just how I am. Prove yourself worthy to me, and the jerk persona gives way to a more amicable personality, as everyone who’s known me beyond what you’d probably call “my usual antics” can attest to.

    Re: The respect issue, I think you’ll find we disagree in that aspect, and even popular culture seems to disagree with you as well.

    If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.
    Louis D. Brandeis

    Courtesy is Owed; Respect is Earned; Love is Given
    Ruth Brown

    …and now it’s time to go back to enjoying my game. Serlian, we should make a timed competition about who can finish Ghost Trick faster. :V
    EDIT: Oh, and nice of you to post from a Brazil IP. Either you’re using a proxy (in which case your comments about hypocrisy shine in your own ass for trying to hide your face, which I pride myself in NEVER having done), or you’re really just that much of an idiot—— oh wait, the “idiot” clause applies either way. Eh, well, whatever, carry on. =) And for every other point that I didn’t address, if I’m bored enough later I’ll do those—— right now I have a nice game waiting for me, and then a nice bed after that. :V

  8. Aki

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 00:02:54

    Hmmm… Aren’t you still a troll for writing the 3rd “P/S”, the monkey above Serlian? It’s kinda odd that people nowadays just need to diss others’ irl looks just because they can’t come up with a better insult. Well, at least Shiki is bold enough to post his irl picture on his site, why not you do the same?

    Speaking off Brazil IP, iirc there was a sudden influx of Brazil IP on my blog few months ago… I wonder, is it the same. Anyway, can you remind me again when you change to the new domain name, in case I forget. Erm… I always forget…

  9. Syrene

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 00:28:19

    Already told you what i think. Y te adoro, y lo sabes.

    Also… be ready to block me on yim as well, Shiki querido. You won’t get rid of me so easily ;D

  10. MIRROR

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 05:24:33

    Welcome Troll #532 a.k.a. Theena. Your subpar ability to construct sentences and “distinct” style of writing, to say the least, makes it obvious as to who you are regardless if you hide behind a proxy or not.


    It’s “P.S.” and for every succeeding post script, you add another P; “P.P.S.,” “P.P.P.S.” and so forth.

    Also, ad hominem.

  11. A player from Megaten

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 13:49:24

    Ah, Shiki your superbly constructed arguments laced with your unique tone of voice will be greatly missed. In all honestly, the world needs more people like you who actually have the balls to address stupidity directly when it appears. May you be successful in obtaining that degree.
    I am no one that you know, I just happened to have seen many of your great posts in the MegaTen forums. I will be playing MegaTen for a while until it either fails or Guild Wars 2 is released, whichever comes first.

    And to that “mysterious” troll, oh where could your brain cells be? Shiki has been perfectly justified when he responds harshly. His contributions stem the tide of stupidity that is much too common in the Internet while providing some accurate information at the same time. Stupidity should NEVER be tolerated, otherwise it spreads. And if you really are GMPeanut, then I am just deeply saddened. Clearly, personal vendettas are of higher priority to the staff than actually making the game enjoyable (Y U NO have spawn events).

    Also, narwhals!

  12. hidora

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 14:16:54

    You are the kind of people I look up to on whatever game forums I frequent. Someone who actually knows what he’s talking about and have no fear to state your opinions.

    I don’t think you know me, and I’m sure there’s no reason for you to actually know me anyway, but I’ll miss the little time I’ve seen you owning on the forums .-.

  13. Shiki

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 16:17:53

    Well, like I’ve told everyone else, whoever wants to stay in touch with me only needs to poke me here. Send me an email via the Email Me link in the sidebar and I’ll get back to you ASAP. =) If you use either YIM or MSN Messenger, drop me a line too and I’ll reply back with my contact address so you can add me on those as well.

  14. Loriel

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 17:35:56

    How the hell did i get mixed up in the ugly rant?
    For next time please spell my ign right, mkay? Ty

  15. Shiki

    Saturday, August 13, 2011 - 09:47:57

    I’m willing to bet she’s envious because right now you have your dedicated male tail and she doesn’t. 8U

  16. Anonymous

    Monday, August 15, 2011 - 08:25:31

    Don’t blame Peanut for being overzealous in suppressing your free speech. She just wanted to create the perfect Aerian nation.

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