…Seriously. (Part 2)

So apparently, I’m someone who “threatens and [doesn’t do] a damn thing about it” because I didn’t post the chat logs of my limited conversations with this idiot (limited because I honestly felt my IQ would drop if I kept it up).

So for your enjoyment, I bring you the Chattra-gate files. =p

Some highlights:

First conversation, first stupid mistake:

<Chattra> oh lol
<Chattra> bleach time brb
<Chattra> WAT
<Chattra> ..Did that really just happen…. Sorry I have to type my wats somewhere.. (Uh, do you really think I fucking care?)
<Sh1k1> do it away from me (And here’s where the fun starts…)

Another gem, and where the ass-kissing starts:

<Chattra> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUTPnapkkI0&feature=channel
<Chattra> Worst video ever
<Sh1k1> and since when were you under the impression that i care? (As CLEARLY demonstrated above.)
<Chattra> xD
<Chattra> Oh, how old are you btw?
<Sh1k1> 26
<Chattra> Ohhhhhhhhhhhh (Apparently whatever he has inside his skull — which sure as fuck isn’t brains, I can vouch for that — had some kind of epiphany or realization when I told him my age…)
<Chattra> So that’s where the ‘tude comes from, eh? ;) (No, it comes from the fact that you’re an idiot. When idiots want to STOP being idiots, I help them. Take a wild guess as to why I stopped helping you.)
<Chattra> Come on now Shik, I know you don’t treat everyone like this XD (Uh, yes I do? Anyone who’s known me for any length of time can assure you so.)

One more:

<Chattra> I hope this doesn’t jinx it but, my friend may be selling his set for 54m.. Said he’d loan me 5-6m.. What do you reccomend I buy?
<Sh1k1> up to you
<Sh1k1> all a matter of *choice*
<Chattra> You’re the Melee expert. If you were level 55 and just got 5m, what would YOU buy? (Oh, so now I’m a “melee expert” instead of a “stuck-up asshole”. Hm, how interesting, because I can clearly remember that not a month before this conversation took place I can recall with 100% certainty that you were clearly calling me an asshole — and yes, before you ask, that yellow part is a link.)

And the last bit of ass-kissing before I decided I could frankly rescind of this idiot’s lack of intellect:

<Chattra> Taizan of the REAst is AWESOME.
<Sh1k1> it’s meh for me
<Chattra> Why meh
<Sh1k1> because of what i already have?
<Sh1k1> blue guitar/warhammer/rashomon, 3swords/cu chulainn, clr10/crit1/mystic4/crit1/mystic4
<Chattra> D:
<Chattra> You are better than me in every conceivable way when it comes to this damnable game (Well DUH. I took care of researching and investing on my stuff, and I’ve been playing for 2 years. You really expected any less?)

Hope you like these, dear little David of Louisville, Kentucky. ;)

Last Edited on: 2012/03/27 11:31:12 GMT-4

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  1. Ruska

    Thursday, December 16, 2010 - 23:46:54

    Can’t wait for Chattra to troll this~

  2. Michi

    Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 02:23:33

    He has your msn? Oh, you poor baby~ ;_;

  3. Viro

    Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 20:44:19

    I taught you everything you know! /takescredit

  4. Shiki

    Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 20:57:43


    You wish. I turned out an asshole on my own, you just taught me the more refined techniques. xD

  5. Viro

    Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 21:54:52

    Good point xD

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